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Results N50 Benchrest Nationals Results - Raton, NM 2021

Thank you all that attended and special thanks for those that helped in any way to make this inaugural event a good time. We had nice weather, good temperatures, tricky wind and a little rain. States represented: Washington, Colorado, Nevada, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, & California.




Overall best of 2 classes agg

Combined totals.1630946564.jpg

More details

pellet details.1630969371.png

sportsman details.1630969412.png

pro details.1630969649.png

Thanks to Mike & Joe for developing this really fun organization combining 22LR and pellet, Without them this new class of benchrest would not have happened.

Big thanks goes to Joe & Mattie as well as Ardey Vad, for the most critical part – scoring. 

Next year will even be better


Antelope had to be chased off the range


Look how pretty it is at Whittington

The line.

Antelope are thick
Screenshot 2021-09-08 171131.1631146357.jpg

Range Master Mel overlooking all he ruled.
RM Mel.1631317033.jpg

Mike Niksch's Thomas Slug-Rifle - the Unlimited Rifle killer....


Had a great time and met a lot of great people!

Thanks to Mike N. , Joe and Lou! !

Joe , I think you forgot to post my 250 25 X score. I posted a picture of it to remind you!

lol! Thanks for a fun time!

Mike, for that 5 bill showing that's as far as it goes, if you showed more zeros heck would at least punched some holes. lol

It was a pleasure meeting and chatting with you. You did good,

Thank you for the support.

My observations, I might have more to say as I break down the data a bit more

Pellet Class: As expected the 1st day winds made it tuff for everyone. We all improved on Sunday with steady but strong wind. This class shows a good 22 pellet rifle is competitive at 50 yards. 25m is not longer a limit for precision target scores.

Sportsman: Those that say a pellet gun cannot complete with a factory 22LR should think different. Two air guns in the top 5 for both days.

Pro: The real significance of this weekend is Mike Niksch and his brand new Thomas Slug air rifle outshot several unlimited 22LRs in PRO class. This should be a paradigm shift for most. That has never been done in competition. I'll add it was done at NRA Center monitored by a NRA Range Officer.
Mike, Joe, Lou and Ardey,

You gentlemen put on a great meet and everything flowed smooth as butter! Great job!!!!! Great time had by one and all!

Great shooting Lou!! Like I mentioned, my flags are still for sale if you want them! :)

P.S. I don;t want to omit your wife Mike, she was a great help also!!!



Hey Dan, Thank you for the event compliment. You are a high quality human.
Joe has been running shows like this for years. Mike has too. Ardey & I have helped along the way so we are handy. We were short a head this time. Mattie learned the hard way at the 2019 USARB Nationals at Whittington. 
Thanks for compliment. Sometimes the years of practice turns into luck! HA! I stole your flags while sitting next to you when the wind was from the right. I wish I had some on my windy-left to steal.

You did good Dan, keep at it. 

You and Ardey, as well as your unlimited 22LRs, were good company. 
Ardey Dan.1631211635.jpg

King Louie


Nov 6, 2016
Colorado, United States
    Lou, I agree with your observations on the sportsman class. If you have your act together you can certainly be competitive using a pellet rifle against the factory Rimfire guns. So far nobody has shot well in sportsman using a factory air rifle and slugs. That’s a bummer…but hopefully they can get something figured out and put together a competitive system in the future.