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My Rifle Rest

I’ve noticed a lot of fellows shoot off of bags. I have a bag and do use it on occasion but I’ve found a cheap and more adjustable arrangement that I have used for years. It’s almost infinitely adjustable and very quick. What it consists of is a scissors car jack with a plate welded to the bottom (rubber pad under that plate not visible) and a small plate on top with a sand bag. Also a handle which is used to adjust. I use it for almost all of my shooting . You can use it with or without the rear bag. Sitting on a table or the roof of a car using the rear bag you will find you have about as rock solid of a rest as you will find What do ya think?
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This has always worked better for me then either a bag or a bipod. It’s faster to adjust and can be adjusted in smaller increments. Not my original iidea. Friend used one first time I went prairie dog hunting with him . Perfect for that application. I can put it on a table and adjust it way up to shoot pigeons off a silo or level it off to shoot straight down range to sight in a rifle. 
good idea,,That base plate is the key to the project.What or where did you find or use for the base plate? My set-up is not that portable and I'm just a backyard plinker but I have a roomy backyard. I use a large block of wood with an arch cut into it that I lay a couple of lead shot bags filled with sand-box sand and a caldwell rear bag.My shooting bench is a stainless steel chefs kitchen table I got from cosco's,it's light and easy to pick up and a short wooden stool from wal-mart. Storage is very near by,takes about a minute to set-up. I used my carjack as a press. Made a frame out of 2x4s and 4x4s. Inverted the jack.Was making paper bricks 2 burn in a wood-burning stove. Worked very well.
Something that simple and effective I never would have thought of on my own.

Bob I actually posted this after watching your last video. Not that YOU need it but I was thinking if I was attempting those shots I’d need my set up. I just could never shoot well without a rear bag and I could never get a bipod or a front bag set up quickly any easily with a rear bag like I can with this.

Heck give it a try you might be nailing pigeons at 200 yards 😂
After I saw my buddies I just bought a used scissors jack at a junk yard. Took that to a weld shop and told them what I wanted. The bottom plate is about 7 or 8 inches square and the top plate about 2 by 5. 

Only place it doesn’t work is shooting out the window of a car which I try to avoid doing. 

It is kinda red neck. The guys that shoot bench rest and spend thousands on front rests would surely think so. Certainly not as good but for the difference in money....,
I'm already thinking about coming out with an improved hydraulic version... :)

Might want to try to come up with an air version Chief since you need air for your PCP's anyway. I love these redneck ideas! Once I was called a Redneck because when traveling cross country I wrapped some hotdogs in aluminum foil and put them on the intake manifold behind the fan shroud. Yep, a Redneck with a warm lunch beats someone eating a cold hotdog any day.JMO! 


Jan 18, 2019
FL, United States
    Great idea!

    And I don’t know if someone told ya already, but this has the added advantage that you can take it with you on your hunting, and can even be used to lift your car if you get a flat tire.... :marketing-image-here: 

    Now being serious, thanks for sharing. I have one in my car that’s never been used, I might actually repurposed it.
    It really is one of the slickest shooting gadgets I’ve come across. And again it’s advantages over anything else I’ve used are it’s range of adjustment speed of set up and stability. It’s also relatively light and portable and certainly cheap. I’ve used bags of all types and bipods and FOR ME this works so much better.

    I hunt groundhogs at longer ranges. I set up a folding table which I might post a picture of ( I hate laying prone and trying to shoot off a bipod). If I spot a hog I’ve alresdy got the gun resting on the front rest shown and on a rabbit ear bag. I can grab the handle of that jack rest and pull the gun right and left on the table look thru the scope and correct for elevation In literally ten to fifteen seconds. I then jam the rear bag under the rifle and line up the shot . This also allows me to pretty often spot my shot thru the scope which I find absolutely invaluable. Bags are fine for target work because you have all the time needed. I plain can’t use bipods . If your completely happy with a bipod this probably does you no good. I just found a bipod was always either too high or too low and never as stable as I thought they should be. 
    Here is my set up. Table is made using banquet folding legs. (Amazon). 1/2 inch plywood covered with outdoor carpet. Seat ? I use a couple whatever I need to carry my stuff. Two pictures showing the Daystate hunter regal elevated for pigeons. I also have a three legged table with transet legs which works well . It’s a little harder to set up over the table shown 
    You can buy a used scissors jack for $10 at most any salvage yard. So It’s stretching it some for me to say I feel your pain

    I do however freely admit that cleaning a garage seems always to result in both the throwing out of things you will need shorty there after or the putting away of items that you then know you have but can never find again 

    I have solved this to some degree by having two of most everything ( not by choice) while admitting that some times I STILL can’t find the tools required.

    I kinda liked the old pinto car. Sorta like a red Ryder BB gun. You have to start some place. 

    My first car was a used 1959 SAAB bet no one even knows a thing about that one