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My Maverick claimed it's first large game(hog)!

Great post RallyShark.....what is your tuning for the .25....I have a new Maverick.....lots of hogs here in West Tex...

I can only tell you, if you let me come hunt with ya, hahaha! .25 is the one caliber I don't have for my Maverick, but one of the guys I shoot with has one in .25. He was getting pretty good results with the standard superior liner that came in his shooting the NSA 33.5 grain in .250 I think. I believe he had the second reg at 150 bar with the one at the bottle around 170 bar. That was getting those slugs around 950 fps, I think. He has since swapped over to the superior heavy liner, and is shooting the heavier NSA slugs around the same speed, but at 85-90 fpe(with a little higher reg setting).

If going for a pig(head shot only recommended), I say setting the regs at 170/150 bar would be a good place to start. The rest will come down to adjusting the hammer adjuster so that your max power is achieved with the power wheel on 7. If you make a post about it in the PCP section, I'm sure some of the guys with a .25 Maverick will chime in on their settings, and probably be able to give you more specifics on the .25. The Maverick is a very capable platform, so the hard part is just figuring out what ammo and power level you want it to shoot at :) Obviously, you want to go with the highest power you can, and still remain accurate, if you want to go after a piggy.