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My favorite paper targets via Ed Canoles

I hope you guys can open these links. It's kind of a learning process for me, I love all of Ed Canoles paper target downloads.
I've sent many of his pdf files to members here at AGN and was trying to find a way to get them out there via a direct link.
Hope this works and I'll delete if it doesn't and probably edit as I go along.

One of my absolute favorites is this one with 42 count (one inch squares) with 1/4" kz. Has the 1/8" grid to help visually compare group size

Another version of the 42 count one inch squares with 1/4" kz inside 1/2" kz

The 100 count 5/8" squares with 1/4" kz

The 100 count 5/8" squares with 3/8" kz

60 count on 1/8" grid with 1/4"kz inside 1/2" kz

1/4" bulls 50 count no grid

3/8" bulls 50 count no grid

Peace and Kill Zone Grease



Jan 28, 2018
Galicia, Spain
    I use this
    I use this. Design target at print targets.com, send PDF to rubber stamp.com, delivered to your door!
That is just awesome brother. You get some accuracy points for that! Can you tell us more about it? Like what model you chose and is it self inking. I'm totally clueless when it comes to these, but love the idea!
    "broachoski"Thanks for the targets. I found Ed on GTA a couple years back and he became a mentor though he didn't know it.
    Back then he had the 1/4 bulls, 100 count target that he used daily but without the squares. I made that one of my faves.
    That rubber stamp got me excited also.
Yes sir Ed is something else. I was squadded with him at a FT match a few years back and it was a pure pleasure to shoot with the man. He really knows how to have fun. And of course him being a springer man, always teases me about shootin' PCP's as he lovingly calls "Puffer guns".

    I prefer the 1/4 bulls to be inside the 5/8" or 1" squares as It helps me determine group size when I shoot each square for 5 or 10 shot groups. Those dotted lines inside the square 1/8" apart help too.
    Of course I rarely get groups like this when they aren't needed! LOL
    "intenseaty22"Very nice Fuss, thanks. The links work just fine. 
    That stamp idea is pretty darn cool for sure.
Michael, Brian is putting a Huma in my new R5M. Gonna be back to thumping with a .25 cal again ;-)

    And thanks for the accuracy votes guys, whoever you are! And all who commented. Mucho appreciated!


    Jun 1, 2016
    NC, United States
      Thanks for the kind words. I created these (and other) targets to help me with my "shootin' form". I started with the "gridded squares", but I personally have issues with holding on the center of a field target killzone without lines to help aiming at the center so I created a few with "plain circles" to help with my aiming at a "featureless bull" and I also figured that "100 bull shooting sessions" would help ...........
      Here are a few...........



      Anywhoo......these targets were created to fit a standard 8 1/2" x 11" letter format and I like to print them on 110lb card stock because even dome pellets cut rather clean holes in the stuff.........

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      Great to see you one here Ed, and thanks for all your many targets. I just realized why I don't see you on here much, and that's because I hardly ever visit the Springer's and Pumpers page. I'm usually on the General page or the "Puffer" page as you like to call them. LOL

      Peace and R9 grease


      Jun 1, 2016
      NC, United States
        Yep....I have little use for buyin' air, pumpin' more than once per shot iffn I don't buy air, countin' shots, er havin' dirt in tha frammis causin' a leak, needin a life support system for tha gun and a special feedin' tube, carryin' a high pressure bomb in my Civic, so on and so forth, sooooooo.........I stick with my springers and get my scopes repaired on occasion! :(

        LOL....Peace and HW95 with Krytox GPL205 grease! ;)