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MTC Optics New Copperhead F2 scope

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Aug 24, 2020
Colorado, United States
    Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 8.49.22 PM.1642560628.png

    MTC Optics Copperhead scopes 3-12 X 44 F2 and 4-16 X 44 F2 – a super compact telescopic sight that will appeal to shooters who wish for a short, lightweight 30mm tubed scope.

    The Copperhead is well equipped and despite its small size lacks nothing in features or optical clarity. With click-stop adjustments in MILs (1 click =1cm at 100m), actuated via lockable, finger-adjustable elevation and windage turrets, the Copperhead is the first scope to feature MTC’s new AMD2 multi-aimpoint reticle, providing for numerous aiming points to counter trajectory and improved windage reference points. The AMD2 reticle fitted to Copperhead – has a central crosshair that can be red illuminated to one of six brightness levels to suite any lighting scenario. The 30mm tube has been matched to a high quality multicoated 44mm objective lens to produce the sharpest image.

    A pin-sharp sight picture is guaranteed courtesy of a fast focus eyepiece and a side adjuster to dial-out parallax error; from infinity down to 10 yards.

    The Copperhead is supplied with flip-up covers to protect the lenses when the scope is not in use

    Copperhead F2 features

    • Popular Second Focal Plane reticle
    • New AMD2 Glass-etched reticle: design exclusive to MTC Optics
    • Edge-to-edge multi-coated lenses: bright, clear picture quality
    • Side parallax adjustment: eliminates parallax error and assists in range-finding
    • 10-yard minimum focus: suitable for airgun use and ultra-close-range shooting
    • Reticle illumination: assists with tricky background and lighting scenarios
    • 30mm body tube: more substantial build quality and light transmission
    • Flip-up lens cover: fast and practical protection for lenses when in the field
    • Fully water, fog and shock proof: increases longevity of the scope
    • Nitrogen purged: internal regulation of scope’s high-end performance
    • Optional extras: large parallax sidewheel also available

    Additional info found HERE, available soon at your local retailer.
    I have owned several MTC scopes and I would be willing to bet you won't use the warranty. I cannot wait until the Copperhead line makes it's way across the pond. I'm in for one, possibly two. The reticle is probably one of the best for air gunners to use. My own opinion, and we all know what weight that carries ! Hee, hee