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M3 O-Ring/Schematic/Ordering Spreadsheet

AGN'ers –=–

I understand that this has been done previously as I helped one of the members with a spreadsheet. However, this is the latest from the FX USA website using their schematic for parts ordering. Looking at the parts lists, I noted that there were two D-89 O-Rings and contacted FX USA to understand why. Their reply is included in its entirety on the 'D' schematic that also includes the O-Rings listed with part numbers. Use the Tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to go to each schematic, then parts list. THe barrel schematic and parts list is on the last Tab.

I'm hopeful that this will aid in ordering O-Rings for anyone needing them. If you need a direct copy of this spreadsheet, just ask and I will gladly email to your address.

View attachment FX Impact MK2 and MK3 O-Rings 2022-03-06.1646848086.xlsx

All the O rings is what keeps me away from the Impact, A few years back when FX hired the master of air guns , Name starts with a R, I thought he would fix the O ring infested Impact. Its apples to oranges but the simple design of the Prophet I am thinking why FX can not make the Impact a little more simple..

I remember when the gun came out , Just about all of them leaked, I was told do not buy unless you want to rebuild the Impact with Orings and all new shooters should not buy the Impact because its the most complex and unreliable gun because all the Orings ,, So what has changed in the past years O rings improved in quality ? I am not bashing the gun just trying to figure out whats changed on this 2000 dollar gun.

if you want the most accurate gun on earth you learn how to repair and move on
I am NOW an owner of a Maverick, I've learned that FX has a certain sense of humor, they sell o-rings not guns. I especially like the little o-rings they stuck on the sides of the mags, and it would be nice if they did indeed stick instead of fall off. If someone could point me towads the exploded view of the Impact/Maverick/M3 I'd appreciate it.