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Look at my 100 yard accuracy!


That's a very good point. I am trying to do this from the prospective as a "layman" or everyday Joe(hopefully representing most users on this forum) who buys "normal" product "off the shelf" like everyone else. I have no agenda or ego(hopefully obvious from my posts of "poor" results), nor am I trying to sell anything/sponsered by anyone. I hope that you are right, and as I progress, I will gain better equipment and more knowledge and think back on this time when everything was more difficult. Thanks for your input and encouragement
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keep your testing posts coming (you're up to no. 6 now on the 100y Crown test, great!). 😊

Those posts (and of course this one!!) are honest, true to real life, and helpful to understanding different factors (equipment, wind, ballistics, etc.). 👍🏼

😊 You (and a few others) have been encouraging to us who have been looking at so many isolated dream groups on the forums — 

that we started to believe these dream groups are "the new normal" (not just "dream") —

and so we concluded that our own shooting sucks, since our normal groups don't look like the groups that seem "normal" on the forums.

I'll give you my green ball/ accuracy point for your transparency! 😊




Thanks for the feedback and support! Sea of "meh" is right. I think everyone in the airgun community secretly swims there a lot. I certainly do. Maybe some people never miss or have poor accuracy targets? I've always learned more from poor performance(or preferably from using info from the poor results of others) because it motivates me the find the answer to: "WHY did that happen?!" I have found, CONSISTENT great results don't come without putting in a lot time and effort, trial and error, failure and success. Even then, it can be fleeting.

An old timer once told me "Accuracy..... is a fickle mistress." Lol He was right!

Thanks for the input.