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Kestrel Users is there any Solution to This???

1) Taking a wind capture while hunting isn't always practical and easy like the target capture function. Is there anyway to get the kestrel to auto adjust the windage direction based on a new target location?*

2) Also is there anyway to get it to read ballistics below 25 yds. Sometimes close shots require quite a bit of adjustment because of scope height. I don't shoot below 25 often but every now and then I need to.

*For example, on the 5700 you can record your target and let's say it's at 0 degrees. Then you record your wind and it's at 9:00. Well if you're hunting and all of the sudden a target comes up at 270 degrees the wind setting stays at 9:00. Now obviously this is easy to do in your head and change the wind to 12:00 but when the directions are more random it becomes hard to do quickly.
The windage thing with Kestrels are approximations and there could be different wind conditions the projectile must pass through in a long time of flight window at 900 fps. I don't even use my Kestrel anymore because the wind is changing from second to second in intensity and direction anyway. If it's super windy I typically don't go shooting. If the wind is, for lack of a better way to describe it, "normal", I know approximately how fast it's going but I did learn that from using the Kestrel in the past. Full value winds from the side blows the pellet the most, from 45 degree angles the projectile is blown 70% of full value, and not blown much if the wind is coming or going from a slight angle, and when this happens look out because it can switch the other way quickly giving a miss on small targets.

Practice, practice, but that's easier said than done.


Apr 13, 2020
CA, United States
    Yes I do think I need to just get more practice with the wind. I'm shooting pellets right now that are very accurate but slow so wind affects them a lot. I want to eventually tune the gun to hybrid slugs going a lot faster but right now I'm afraid to adjust anything for fear of not being able to get it back.

    It's all part of learning, I shoot crosman 7.4 and 7.9 grain .177 pellets with BC of 0.012 which is horrible but it helps with learning the wind. Then when you shoot further out somewhere you should learn to read the leaf, grass, mirage dust or anything that can show wind. It's is very rewarding when you get hang of it and it's always a learning opportunity, if it's so easy then why bother doing it. LOL!

    Also tuning your gun is also a learning path and very rewarding once you figure out how. I've messed up sooooo many good tunes but it helped me learn how to tune and now I can tune just about any gun to the way I want them to shoot. Lots of fun also.......if you call that fun.