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Just increased my Gong Target collection ;-)

Keep those ideas coming guys! I built this thing for rimfire and airgun practice. Top plate is 8mm hardox 500 steel that can be used for handguns, the bottom three are for air rifles (4mm hardox 500) for some long range fun. The thing ways a ton, but can be easily dismantled so it fits in the trunk of my car.


Here's my son shooting at it with a HW77 with open sights. He kept on hitting the small targets at 45 yards. Makes me proud. :D 

Thanks Fuss, I try to spend as much quality time with my boy (and girl) as possible. Hiking in the mountains, shooting, teaching him things that actually matter, playing chess, having fun. He got into shooting because of his old man. We spend each Saturday at the range together, and he's becoming quite the marksman. It's just a matter of time before he shoots better than his old man. Makes me proud as hell! ;)


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That's a fine looking young man you have there, and those are some mighty fine air rifles for a kid his age! Heck those are some mighty fine air rifles for a kid my age? LOL
He's wearing a shooting jacket? Shooting 10 meter offhand competition too? Oh, I'm sure he would have no problems smoking me at 10 meters. I'm pitiful at offhand!
Thanks for the smiles this morning Jonnes!

Thanks, he is Fuss! He's got his mothers good looks (thank God for that) though. He's 10, but 5 foot 2, strong as an ox so he can handle some weight. Yeah, that's a shooting jacket. He shoots prone and kneeling off hand and shoots an average of 8.5 kneeling and 9 prone. Pretty darn good for a kid his age. And yeah, he smokes most of my friends when we go out in the fields for some plinking. And there's dad, with a HUGE smirk on his face looking at how his boy out shoot's old geezers that are 3 to 4 times his age. Talk about getting a huge smile on your face! :p ;)

I see some other guys here at AGN that spend quite some time with their kids. I think it's the best! Making great childhood memories, nothing can top that.