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JSB Pellet Screw On Lids?

Aloha All,

I'm curious to see if anybody has gotten the jsb screw on lids lately. I have received all of my preorders from various venders (AOA, Utah Airguns, Treiner).

I received .25 in 25.39gr king, .25 in 33.95gr king heavy (which are MK2 now), .25 in 33.95gr king heavy MK2, .30 in 50.15gr and all of them were the press on lids. With the pellet shortage now I wonder how old (when the pellets were made) are my pellets. I didn't just order 1 or 2 tins but the maximum the vender would allow me to purchase, I don't hoard pellets, I shoot a lot.

Aloha, Keone



Feb 17, 2021
NC, United States
    I got a 30 caliber coming AEA H/P simi auto , Got my Hades 30 caliber back ordered from pymird air , Where can I get pellets ?>??


    I think most people are pre-ordering now when they are not in stock. If you wait till they are in stock they are getting snapped up pdq it's like playing whack a mole now you see em now you dont.