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Cameras Interesting video from Ted Bier

Kind of figured that is what was going on but really did not want to deal with putting my glasses on to see out of my scope clearly. 

I really don't need my glasses except for up close stuff. I don't like it! GRRRR... ;^)

Can't win for losing in this instance.

I really don't like this getting old thing much. I think I should be able to hire somebody to do it for me? ;^)



Jul 11, 2018
CO, United States
    I think I'm going to talk to my eye doctor about getting a pair of glasses just for shooting/filming. Close range correction on the right (for me a right handed/right eye dominant shooter), and plain glass on the left. It would allow me to screw the ocular of the scope all the way in as Ted says, but I'd still be able to see long range in the left eye, as the cataract lens in my left eye is for long vision.