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Tuning Impact M3 Oring List

Also re-uploaded to Google sheets for anyone that doesn't have Excel or similar program to open .xls, .xlsx files.

Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13M-F9FtrMLZx8on-MDtQSGop2lCnvzeo35BuFx1afto/edit?usp=sharing

Nice! Thank you! I will be posting a final excel document soon. The only change will be that I will add in the alternatives I bought.

Awesome brother let me know and I will re-upload/mirror it again :) I appreciate your work on that!! I gave you all credit in my re-upload of course.
Yes, that O-ring store is great! They have almost all the metric sizes and what we need in both 70 and 90 durometer. I've used them for 3 different PCP airguns, usually about $25 w/ free shipping for a lifetime supply, I shared my last M3 order with 3 friends and still have more than a "lifetime supply for myself". I will contact the O-ring and more vendor and ask them to set up a package for M3 owners. Jayman7, were you able to source the PUR 90 o-rings?
Not yet, but I did go ahead and just order them in Viton. Unfortunately, one I could only find in Duro 75 the other I found in Duro 90. I'm definitely not saying that it'll work, but that's the only thing I've done so far. I did contact Orings and More just to make sure they didn't carry them unlisted, but it was a hard no. It sounded like they had absolutely no interest in carrying polyurethane orings. 


Jul 8, 2018
CA, United States
    I didn’t read the entire thread but if it’s that PUR 90 o ring inside the front beak of the power plenum it’s the same as the MK2, and this is where I sourced it-


    converted to fractional inches, these will work