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I started a topic about a week or so ago to tell you all about some parts I asked my friends at Huma to make for the .35 Impact's. After testing the prototypes and giving them my stamp of approval Huma has put them into production. As of today the parts are now available on the Huma website. You will notice that this Huma .35 Slug Power Kit comes with a High Flow Dual Hole Transfer Port, a Pin Probe, a Stronger Hammer Spring, a Lighter Valve Spring, and Two Hammer Weights (7.5grams & 8.5grams)...so what's not to like? :)

All the best, Chuck




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Oh man.... After fighting Covid Lung for weeks... Feeling absolutely miserable! (Beat Covid in about a week otherwise. Just can't breathe... 

To my joy, I come to receive notification of this.


*Insert posh English accent here*

Thanks Charles!! I've got one on order!

Now, I've just gotta build up stamina to install and test it out once it arrives. 😉
My parts should arrive on Friday and then on to install. I’m debating on whether to install the kit on my M2 or M3. I’m thinking I will add the hammer and springs on my M2 and leave my M3 as is, its a .35. I’m going to see what changes, if any, from changing over the barrel first with the dual transfer port on the M3 along with the new probe. I’m not going to touch the regulators to get a true comparison. After I have done that I will install the barrel and probe onto the M2 and see how it compares. 
With all this cold weather up here in MA this is just what I needed to break the boredom…
Yes it does! And I think it would be a nice gesture if you told them so! But check your time zone because there is a 7 hour difference from where I live in EST zone...

Postal Address

Huma-Air bv
Scholtensoven 19A
7621HA Borne

You can text us:

(Text only, during office hours on working days)
I just installed this kit on my FX Impact Mk2 that came from the factory as a 357. After only installing the probe and the duel transferport I saw a 15fps increase in speed. When I swapped out the springs and installed the heavy hammer it didn't make a difference. This kit will help some with people who have a factory .357. If you only purchased a .357 kit for your Impact this should help more. I found out that they do something different with the factory .357 then they do with the kits. My kit wouldn't get the same power as the 357 from the factory.
I have the MK2 in 30 cal. 700mm Superior H and already have the Hammerseat 20392-C and the Hammer Plenum Complete for the 35 cal. (not installed) If I add these + the 35 slug kit springs and weights will I be able to get "I am also getting 142 ft lbs with 61.5gr slugs at 1022 ft/s in .30 caliber."? Currently getting about 890 fps at 108 ft lbs. @ 150/L3.5/B with 1/2" groups at 50yds with NSA 61.5. Suggestions for settings would be most appreciated. Aloha, Mark
Now shoot at 50 yards and keep turning it down little by little until you are getting 3/8" to 1/2" groups with the NSA 93 grainers or 79 grainers or pellets... each barrel I have seen so far has liked one or the other but not both. I recently tuned an M3 ..35 cal. for a guy and at 879 ft/s (160fpe) it was shooting the 93 grainers into one tiny hole, but the 79's produced a horrible 3" scattered group. I did turn it up to 170fpe to make the owner happy but the groups opened up to about 3/4". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEv4dQqSC-8&t=2s