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HW50s 20 cal &SteveP-52

I ran my mouth on a post one day saying I wanted a 20cal in HW50,,well, SteveP-52 sent me a PM about one over @GTA classified, now I am in the 20 cal for a second rifle, the first was from Lewis, a Beeman RX 20 cal. This little HW50 is much lighter and easier to shoot when on the go.

The HW 50 is running 600fps with Jsb 13.73 gr and 650 with H&N 11.42 grain, she has good accuracy with my indoor 10 yd range, I am pleased. It has a little buzz like most HWs do from the factory, but not bad like some, so I am not in a hurry to buy and install a ARH kit for now. It is in very good shape with only some scuff on the top edge of the rubber butt pad and came with 4 tins and a scope UTG3-9x32 AO I would post photo but they all look the same. well I got to and play some more. See how she does in a light windy day. 12mph gusts to 22mph, life on the high plains, breezy
Justin, there is power in a persons words, that is why they say be careful of what you wish for

Steve, thanks again for helping spend money, it is worth it :)

Dallas, you are correct about clipping coils in this gun, the HW50s have a reputation for being over sprung, I have one in 22 cal that I ended up clipping 3 coils off and picked up speed, but it twanged and shuttered so badly, I went with an ARH kit, 2 thumbs up kit in my world. But spring is here and a tune will have to wait, but I am still going to keep shooting her, just got it this afternoon and was leaning out the window hitting those orange cheese ball snacks at 25-30 yds easily. They are the best active targets and the creatures of the night clean them up

baranjhn, I have only sold two guns, so I can relate to you missing the 20 cal, again
Lewis, the RX is still an accurate big heavy gun, she is a stable unit when out on the bench with a sand bag(rice) shooting great but has not seen a lot of action because of a fall on my right shoulder last fall. It is still a little sore when I over do it. The RX has been pumped up a little to 15 ft/lb energy, been thinking about lowering it back down to 12 ft/lb but the purchased this HW50 instead, each gun has it's use like different sized hammers