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Tuning How to de-gas the Benjamin Cayden

Not sure if this has been posted before, the search option is currently down. Pretty sure I’ve seen people recommending dry firing the rifle to empty the reservoir. Which is fine, but also it takes a long time and there’s always a chance someone is going to have an accident by thinking the rifle is unloaded. 

This is an Allen wrench in the port that the burst disk is in, under the Cayden’s barrel. You can de-gas the rifle by opening the brass screw a small amount. “A little dab’ll do ya” on this.....Less than a quarter turn will allow the air to start bleeding off. As the pressure goes down it may stop discharging air and you will need to loosen the screw tiny bits more to allow all the air to escape.
EDIT: this works but member thammer has pointed out the correct bleed screw for the Cayden in the comments below. I included another picture for illustration of the CORRECT bleed screw location. Thank you Troy. 

Hey troy, There is a small grub screw on the Kratos’ gas block to degas it, but I did not see a corresponding screw on the Cayden. I will look again but I’m almost 100% sure it’s not there.

Should be on the fill end next to the fill nipple like on the Akela.

I just got home from work and took a look at it. Yes it is there and I would’ve never noticed it had you not told me. Thank you!