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How to cheat at RMAC

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Well stated! And, I thank you for keeping things in perspective. This is a tremendously fun event for everyone. I stated that the only thing I really hoped to gain from posting this was that, maybe someone who's involved in running the event would see it and think about ways to combat these occurrences. And also to educate any competitors or spectators for what to watch out for, so they can have the courage to speak up and keep the event fair and equal for everyone. 


Everything you stated is true, and much of it is part of the rules of the competition already. But, the weakness of the squad based scoring system is that it leaves those rules and guidelines open to the "squads interpretation" and allows those squads to decide at what level they're going to adhere to those rules (how strict they're going to be) when no one is looking.

The squad based scoring system definitely leaves the door open for less than optimal scoring. As long as the organizers of such an event pay attention and hold people to the mat for any "bending" of the rules, the event can retain its legitimacy. But, this respect for the rules has to be passed on throughout all the competitors and organizers. Even if a competitor benefits from one of these rule violations completely innocently and without knowing it, the hard decision to make is to take points away from that competitor, or maybe the entire squad. Should that happen, I'm positive that person, or those people, would make absolutely sure everyone on their squad was doing everything exactly as it should be done the following year.
Don’t blame money for people’s negative character traits. Money will expose these avaricious cheaters. Without money people can stay in their* shell because there is nothing to test their morals. I love adding money to sports, if done with people of good moral standing, it motivates people to achieve new levels of greatness that would not happen in matches that don’t involve money.

I couldn't have said it better! On mark.

"...if done with people of good moral standing, it motivates people to achieve new levels of greatness..." LOVE IT!
Something that happened to me once was that my score was wrote down wrong in one of the lanes. I was shorted one point somehow??? I didn't catch the mistake because I didn't check right then after each lane. Wasn't until later on in the afternoon when the scores were posted that I found out. Probably unintentional but you never know. This forced me into a tie thus a shootoff ensued which I lost. Took me from 2nd to 4th place.

Anywho, verify your score on every stage and ask for at least two people on your squad to count your hits to make sure there wasn't a mistake made. Do the same for them.

I saw some of the things the OP mentioned. One thing that happened was one of the competitors, very well known around here BTW, left his safety on during a PRS stage and didn't figure it out until halfway through the bout. The guy that ran the stage decided a do over was warranted. I won all 3 bouts anyway but nevertheless I didn't think that was the correct decision on the stage directors part. I also saw other things during the event that I disagreed with but oh well.

The RMAC is in a way a very chaotic but well organized event and with a lot that can go wrong as well, and at least a few ways it can be improved, though from what I gather already more refined from earlier years. Am I judging them, heck no, because I could do no better and we are all imperfect. These are very nice people that run the event and I know they try to do their best. I'm sure this year will be even more refined than last year.

It is a fun event! Just go enjoy it the best you can and try not to get too mad at yourself for screwing up or in the case of bad luck getting you. Sometimes things go your way sometimes they don't.
This year with the marksman event having a hefty purse, I would hope to see some better.......alignment at all the stages. And I'll say this--am I a great shooter? Nope and I don't claim to be.

IMO, part of the fun in a PRS type event is knowing the stage, knowing your dope, and keeping it straight in your head...and you will go crazy doing so. I can tell you that some of the shooters had "helpers" calling out targets and dope for them. Also misses and adjustments. Kind of defeats the spirit of the event style. Now that it's a major event, I would hope there's more attention given to the format's intent. And holding on to see if there's going to be a mass produced slug rule (that is available to purchase and not bc you 'know' a manufacturer). 

I won't name anyone but I did witness a younger event member x out a double hit on 100y bench for someone during the post-shoot walk to target review during prelim rounds...but that person didn't end up making the finals so no impact to standings. I will say I could tell he didn't really want to do it but there was some intense whispering going on there...

I think it's always the intent to have fun but it's finding a middle ground when there's prizes like this at stake so it's an equal playing field. Do I expect to place? Nope! Will I have fun while playing by the rules? Yup! 

And for the love of all things holy, mags out, chamber flags in and keep that barrel pointed UP. Unfortunately, not much enforcement of that one...and sadly it's a lot of the bigger names waving those things around like they're water guns and if you correct em, it's not met by warmth...I can tell ya that from first-hand experience. That's insta-DQ type stuff at other events...I'm not looking to catch a pellet in the head. 

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I’ve been a match director at events other than airgun. Many local and some regional but never a national event. In any event I was director if there was a no tolerance safety rule I didn’t care who you were you were out. Safety is never a negotiable infraction. Cheating is usually never a match director first focus but keeping the match running on schedule and safety are the focus. Most match/range officers depend on the competitors to keep an eye out for cheaters and bring it to their attention. If it was ongoing cheating I would usually position myself to see it first hand before disqualifying a competitor. One time events like clearing a round to check the wind are really hard to catch unless a competitor has a reputation for such things. If so then range officers are directed to have the round fired into the ground directly in front of the firing line. Two things I have learned about cheaters. 1 You have to be a good shot to do it successfully. 1 point or an extra X could mean winning or losing. You can’t cheat 20 points. 2. Middle of the pack shooters that do something to gain an edge is usually a mistake or not understanding the rules. It’s better educate them than disqualify IMO as long as it’s not a safety violation. I’ve never been to RMAC but I assume the Director and range officers are doing a good and conscientious job and for the most part are volunteers. I can see though as money and fame comes with winning a prestigious event such as RMAC there will be more win at all cost attitude.
If they fly me and out there I'll work for free =)

Me and a friend flew to Salt Lake and attended the match. We told them we were there to work for free but they weren't interested. Kinda left a bad taste for me.

this whole post opens my eyes..

glad im not entered.

ill continue to enjoy myself.
I missed the registration this year, but hope to make it next year. The comments pretty much sum up a lot of things that go on in all types of competitions. Overall, just be a stand-up competitor and do your best, no matter the venue. During some 3-d archery shoots we held, we did a shoot off of the top 3-4 competitors and that really showed who was padding their score, All of the "it's pulling the line" and crap like that was taken care of in the shoot-off. It is sad that some can go home and brag about winning something, knowing full well they did not earn it. 

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Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 9.39.44 AM.1651765393.png

I just saw this posted by RMAC today which makes me curious if those of you who have volunteered in the past have tried again this year? Can anyone volunteer or, are there "certain untold qualifications" that make it so only some people can help while others cannot? 

I ask this because, in my original post, I gave hypothetical scenarios as well as real life experiences. I think we can all agree that rules are rules. They should apply to everyone equally regardless of who a person is, their status in this industry, or what team (if any) they're part of. The real life experiences I have witnessed seem to have a common theme... they all have "Team UA" jerseys on. And, to Marquette's point, they are all very good shooters where a slight advantage could easily make a difference. 

With this Instagram post coming from RMAC, I wonder if this post has actually reached someone and started the thought process for improvement?

Don’t blame money for people’s negative character traits. Money will expose these avaricious cheaters. Without money people can stay in their* shell because there is nothing to test their morals. I love adding money to sports, if done with people of good moral standing, it motivates people to achieve new levels of greatness that would not happen in matches that don’t involve money.
Money doesn't make people bad, money just exposes their true character or lack their of. Much like fresh milk, the cream will always rise to the top in time.
Me and a friend flew to Salt Lake and attended the match. We told them we were there to work for free but they weren't interested. Kinda left a bad taste for me.
Interesting....I remember seeing that they were asking for volunteers and needed help....I guess they just didn't need YOUR help ☹️
Too much money* will ruin competitive airgun shooting,

As it ruined other sports.

It has got to increase the likelihood of cheating.

It creates a top tier elite and, in the long term, this dissuades participation by the masses.

* Prize money, for the winners, not total monies invested by sponsor's.

Dare say I will be corrected for suggesting such, so will add, IMHO.

Good luck.
About 1% of any group of individuals will rise to the top, whether sports, investors, businesses etc. just a fact of human nature . Cheaters don’t count into this equation.