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How silencers work….good and truthful video how silencers really work


May 18, 2015
Darien,Il, United States
    I have seen several of this dude"s videos in the past and even subscribed to his U-Tube He conveys enormous amounts of information in a condensed manner. I like his stuff and enjoy having trouble keeping up with his information pace. He hosts a HUGE variety of subject matter and ALL fullnny researched.

    By the way, my best factory suppressor for a air rifle has a web site showing it's cross section internals. I was impressed with it's unique over/under design. Incredibly quiet Stoeger XM1 air rifle. Check out their website for a education on how to suppress air from a barrel. Crosman Trail SBD (Silent But Deadly) factory offering is my 2nd favorite. It's rectangular shape is very cool! And finally......Allan Zasadney moderators are mouse fart wonderful devices. I own several.

    For my affordable PCP .22 caliber Stoeger XM1 I have a affordable Daisy rear peep sight that works perfect with short eye relief and Stoegers optional bi-pod. Also nice and affordable. Entire kit #310.00 Thumbhole Camo stock. Super accurate, decent trigger and QUIET! Get yourself a Stoeger XM! Camo. Best bang for the buck. I already did all the research for Iron Sight PCP. My Crosman Trail SBD is backyard quiet and super accurate hunter too. Mine has a Sig Sauer $400.00 Red Dot. Sight cost more than the rifle. 2MOA Dot, as good as any 4X scope. 
    Excellent and accurate presentation, but not all his correct info applies to an PCP gun. Specifically, hot gasses and the necessity to reduce gas temperature and its volume. In point of fact, the opposite is true in an air weapon as the propellent air cools as it expands driving the pellet forward reducing the air charge volume. My point being that a PCP weapon moderator is actually much more efficient and quieter.
    Simon is a Youtube powerhouse. He started with one channel (Today I Found Out)...over the last 3 years I have watched him ad 6-7 channels from 0 subs and they all go viral. He just pays people to do everything and he just reads scripts from his staff. The dude is a Multi Millionare off it. 

    I'm actually quitting my airgun channel soon to try and become Simon Whistler. ...the money is just too much to not do it. 

    1 milion views = $10k in ad revenue (your cut). ..so Simons video above (about 1 week old), has made him $3k already...not bad for an hours work, that you paid some kid $20 an hour to write and edit for you! 

    Seriously....I'm going to start with all this guys most populare videos...and just copy them. ...next stop, the Ferrari dealership. 

    Simon's channels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC64UiPJwM_e9AqAd7RiD7JA

    P.S. This is why if you put an airgun LDC on a firearm..it would explode. 


    WOW...I just watched that Simon video. That is one heck of a video! I thought I knew everything about that subject but I did not!

    ...his research people definatelty make more than $20 an hour. Excellent work!