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Homemade steel target...

"ScopedIn"Lol. For $75 dollars, you could probably build three of my steel targets. Not to mention make a few swinging targets from scraps you cut off if you plan to shape it. That also would include building a wooden frame for it if you want. I just lean mine against the shed door.

I was going to mention that. I used PVC to make a "stand" and then hung my steel plate using tie wraps so that it "swings" but not a lot as the plate is bigger (but not as big as yours) I think this will take away some of the ricochet possibility.
Built myself this bad boy, the large steel plate on the top is for longer ranges and pistol shooting, the smaller ones for closer ranges. 7mm AR500 steel, thick enough for even .22LR. Whole setup was around $150 on parts and steel. Took me a half a day to build. :D

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Ok. Got the chores done early so I pulled out the welding table. 

Here are are the scraps of pipe and 3/8” steel I had laying around. 


Cut them hem up with a sawzall for mock-up. 




then got out the tig welder and went to work. 



I coped the center target backer so it would be flush



Had to check alignment. Built up welds on either side of the pipe like a ramp to keep the targets in place while spinning. 


Made one one leg longer to make it easier to press into the ground. Ready for paint. 


Ill post a pic when the paint dries.