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Thanks. I sure hope they will have it. I was there a couple years back and really enjoyed the trip down and the show. The gun shop and barber shop? That's an interesting mix. BUT I'll bet it works out great, Guys get a hair cut and wonder over to the guns and end up buying something they don't need. Being bald it would be the other way around for me. First stop would be the guns and then a trim of the few remaining. They could call the place " Close Shave or Near Miss". I sure miss the old style general stores that sold everything a fellow would need. It's just not the same shopping on line. Easier but it's just not as much fun. I feel for the guys trying to make a go of a sticks and staples business. Guy's will come handle something and spend the owners time and then go home and order online to save $10. And I see the other side of it too. Most of the time you can't find it accept on line. I have only been to the one LARGE air gun store and that was Air Guns of Arizona. Happened to be in the area. There over the counter retail store is much smaller then it looks on there video's. Don't get me wrong the have a nice display but I'll be they do ninety percent of their business online. I think they have a pretty smooth operation their.