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Here is a DR. Feelgood story for you all


Here is a DR. Feelgood story for you all. 3 weeks ago, at RMAC 2021 I walked off, after shooting my best my Benchrest card ever, leaving my competition bag at my station. I would not shoot another event for a day and a half. It was then, 72 hours later, I realized I had misplaced my equipment bag. After Utah Airguns Austin James and his crew, expended an exhausting effort during the event and spent two weeks afterward with the UA Team unpacking the trailers back at the shop, the bag was lost to the fortunes of the finder. Heartfelt loss due to the nature of the Camaraderie found at such an event I was disconsolate.

I got a call the Saturday I had given up hope, from Rodney Downs, a member, at Garth Killpack Shooting Range. He noticed my bag in one of the containers at range. He had seen it there a few times after stashing targets in the container. He could tell someone had carefully placed it out of the way of getting any damage and was sure it was looking for home. Rodney mailed the bag home, I received it yesterday. I have said this before and, know now just how true, Air gunners and Precision Marksman are probably some of the Best People on the Planet. Thank you again for your help. And if you or any of UA Nation know Rodney, please shake his hand for me.

I am a Lucky Man to be associated with such a Brotherhood. I was crying the blues, the bag had my logbook with all mods and shooting data from 3 years and 5 states, FX Impact, wildcat, and Dreamline tune tools including custom tools, Crony, Range scope, Arca rail shooting plate and all its shooting bag and hamster mods. Priceless…RIGHT? I carry this bag because of all the help I received at my first RMAC. I had blown a breach ring just before the first slug competition ever. Justin of UA, Earnest of FX, The Welches of Bakersfield, and Fred from Bishop all ran to my aid and within 10 minutes this RMAC Airgun Rookie was back in competition. I knew I had to be prepared to offer the same Fellowship I had received.