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Help...with LethalAir

Aloha AGN,

I need help in trying to figure out what's going on with LeathalAir. I have emailed several times (6) to be exact and no reply. I have called them and left over a dozen messages with no call back.

Does anyone here have in person contact with Chad? If so could you let him know to call me. The reason is that I have purchased a airgun from him, paid in full. The airgun I purchased at that time showed that it was in stock, but a couple of days I received an email saying that it will be shipped out when it becomes back in stock, this was 11 months ago. I just want to know what number in line am I for this airgun.

When I purchased an airgun from another airgun dealer they let me know what number I was in line to receive my airgun, this was my Edgun Leshiy2.

I know manufactures have slowed down during covid, heck I waited a year to get my American Air Arms .357 Slayer from Tom, but Tom would send me email updates and this was before covid.

A little communication would be nice that's all.

Aloha, Keone