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Help! Sideshot not centered?

So I have my new sideshot set up for an iPhone. I have everything adjusted to get a great picture except the crosshairs are not center screen it is lined up with the upper line with the grid view on. I fiddled with it today and I just can't grasp what I'm doing wrong. Btw I have 2 mount for 2 guns. Same problem both guns. What am I doing wrong?
so I think I have figured it out. See how the top of the scope is missing? I have moved the phone up slowly, down slowly. Left slowly, right slowly. It changes the pic quality but the view with the top never changes. I also rotated the mount. that only levels the crosshairs. View doesn't change. But if I grab the phone and torque the top outboard that fixes it. Short of shiming the phone mount where it attaches to the prism body I don't know what to do. Is there an adjustment to the prism?