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Help.....HW97K or AA TX200 MKIII..it's driving me crazy!

I'm pretty much dead set on getting another springer shortly after Christmas. I started out trying to decide between an HW80 or HW95. Well, while I still like the HW95 I pretty much have eliminated the 80 from my list. But what has moved up to the top of my list and is keeping me up at night is trying to decide between the HW97K and the AA TX200 MKIII. I literally do nothing but think about these two rifles. I have read EVERY review and watched every video on these two that I can find. And then watch them over! I feel like a kid looking through the Sears Roebuck catalog before Christmas......I just dated myself! I have come to the conclusion that I can't go wrong with either. Both are fine and high quality springers with huge followings. But I would like to hear feed back from some of you fellas. Any opinions are welcome, but particularly from any of you that have experience with either or both and what you may think are pros/cons in a comparison. If there are any with these two. I'm very open minded and welcome your opinions please.




Sep 24, 2018
    I had shot both and still have the HW97K twangy and buzzy and all and prefered it and sold the TX.

    Just so you know, they are heavy guns. What you have now is already a great gun and neither of these

    are necessarily going to give you more accuracy and are close the the power level you already have.

    The last quality springer rifle I bought was a Walther LGV Competition Ultra and I like it better than

    the TX and my HW97K and it is really incredibly quiet too.

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    In my younger days I owned and shot both. Yes, they are nice guns and in my opinion both a worthy of a place in any gun cabinet. At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference as to which to own as both have their pros and cons. 

    All the best in your final decision. In my opinion you can’t go wrong with either gun. Richardo.
    Trooster, CA and Ricardo are both on the money. Had both, the TX is beauty and so smooth while the HW is a superb gun. I frankly could never pick one over the other, both quality with little differences in handling. So quit punishing yourself and buy them both. Some real used bargain can be had and they are almost always 99% or better. keep us posted.
    I have them both. The 97 was tuned by Motorhead and the TX was tuned by me at home.

    The TX is easier to work on if you want to do anything yourself.

    Both guns prefer shooting in the 12 FPE range in 177. If you try to push them, they can become snappy and loose accuracy.

    On any given day, they are equally as accurate and enjoyable to shoot.

    If I had to choose between one or the other, I couldn't, so they are both keepers.
    The TX is better eye candy IMHO, but in terms of build quality and accuracy, they are quite similar.

    I bought my .177 hw97k from Krale and have shot it more than any of my other springers for the past year and a half. My hw97k is PCP-like accurate out to 30 yards, and no question the hw97k from Krale is an incredible value.

    All of my full size springers have given me optimal accuracy and shot cycle at about 12fpe.

    Good luch choosing.

    Go for the TX200 HC, I own one for ages now with a walnut stock in .22 and it's by far the most fun and gorgeous springer ever IMHO. I can shoot sub MOA groups at 55 yards all day with it. The trigger is better than the Rekord trigger in the HW's, the blueing and finish on the rifle is just awesome, and it just something you want to hold all day. The HW97 is fun if you're someone who likes to tune rifles, but if you want something that shoots out of the box like a tuned rifle, honestly... go TX200!

    And yes, I've owned a couple of HW97/s and 77's, and they all left my collection My TX200 on the other hand... I'm going to take that thing with me to Walhalla. 

    Let's be honest, would you say no to something as beautiful as this?

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    Back when I started looking at quality Springers I asked the same question, but then I got into PCPs and sorta forgot about the Springers. Until I started hearing about the Walther LGV & got one. Great option btw in case you have not looked into them. Now I’m hooked. 

    I have 2 LGVs, an HW30, and looking to add both of your contenders, and perhaps an HW50 as well. 

    Good luck deciding, or better yet, get both if possible. 
    A couple of folks above have given you the answer....KRALE! You'll need some stuff to go with that new gun, and the money you can save on the HW97 will go a long ways towards a new scope and mount. When no one can agree on which gun is better and you can save a few hundred bucks on one over the other, the answer seems pretty clear.

    If money is not a concern, buy both, you'll sleep better at night! Or, buy two beach stocked 97's (.177 and .22) from Krale for not a whole lot more than a walnut TX will cost you from someplace else.

    Good luck.