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Having some fun with the Big Blast targets at Camp Fussell 4/12/15

Had the FX and the Cricket out today doing a little shooting.
My friends have been saving their plastic soda bottles for me and I have amassed quite a stash so I decided to take them out one bag at a time.
I blew up the first bag right before this one and it was way more awesome, but dummy me forgot to hit the record button on the camera?

Had 10 bottles in the first bag and 11 in this one. I started with 12 valves and only lost 4 valves out of the 21 explosions so far. They will turn up sooner or later. I actually found one in the front yard the other day from some I blew up weeks ago.

I fill the bottles till I feel them get warm, then I set them down to cool and then top them off at 90 PSI. Been having a pretty good success rate without many duds this way.

Here's what's left of 12 valves and bottle tops after 21 explosions. Got 8 valves left to blast another batch.

Thanks for the kind words Mike, AJ, and John

Matt, I get the valves on Ebay. Just go to Ebay and enter Big Blast Target Inflator.

I fill mine with a regular small shop compressor with a needle valve like you use with a football, or basketball. The needle valve usually comes with a six pack of valves.
I fill mine to 90 psi. You can feel the bottle heat up as you fill it. I used gloves for the safety factor in the beginning. I know I've blown up over 50 to 75 bottles by now and am more comfortable with it.
I fill it till the bottle becomes warm, then I set it down to cool off before I top it off to 90 psi. Works great when you're filling 10 bottles in a row. I just start with the first one and by the time I get to the 10th one the first one is cool enough to top off.

here's a video of me filling a small 16 oz bottle when I first got into it.

And here's my youtube page. No telling what kind of misbehaving you will find on there ;-)