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Hatsan USA Problems!!!

Good to hear they are taking care of you! About 4mo ago I purchased a new Bt 65 177cal. Came in with a stripped front stock screw. Took maybe 10 shots way too hot. It's been sitting ever since as I don't want to deal with Hatsn anymore 😕
damn those bastards...

That must suck a lottttt. Try contacting Hatsan Turkey and mention the problems with Hatsan USA or link this thread to them.

I dunno what is Hatsan Turkeys opinion cuz in the end every gun comes from them and in mine i actually had a boot mark inside the box aswell xD

Maybe they don't care if they send occasionally poop as they will sort it out... Dunno.

Still haven't got my Tact Vector Optics scope to try groupings at longer distances.

If it doesn't group like some doesn't they will have to send another one as replacement, they or the firm i bought it from here in Finland.