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Has anyone ever ordered from Krale?

When ordering something outside the US and if it is valued over $800, US customs (Thus the parcel carrier) will charge you a customs import fee. I learned about it when I was coming back from England 2019 World Field Target Championship and had won a TX200HC as a fourth place prize. The value of the TX200HC was $700. I did not have to pay any custom fees but had an interesting conversation with the customs agents at Logan International with a handful of air gun shooters coming back from England. I think the charge would be in percentage increments of $100 over $800. Don't know the exact percentage but it adds up of you purchase a Steyr or any other high end air gun from Krale. I have bought several spring air rifles from Krale, had received ordered items I less than a week before COVID-19 and no customs charges since they were all under $800.
I ordered a Diana, a scope, and mounts from Pyramid in Feb

I ordered Pellets and a scope from Pyramyd in March.

I ordered an LCS SK19, pellets, a scope and mounts from AoA in April,

I ordered a scope, mounts, and parts from Extreem Tactical in April

I ordered a scope on Ebay in late april.

^^None of these ever arrived.^^

I ordered an Artemis, and a bunch of JSB pellets from Krale in early May, I got it all in less than a week.

I have canceled all my Pyramyd orders, tried to cancel my Extreem order, but they refused and threatened to hunt me down and shoot me. (I should have known not to trust people that can't spell extreme or pyramid lol ) AoA just keeps telling me next week, on the LCS.. The eBay ordered canceled itself,

Krale had it all to me across the ocean in under a week.

P.S. I Still don't have ANY of the scopes I have tried to order from three different places, so I instead got one from forum member here. So Krale and this forum are the only places that appear to be actually selling anything.

I ordered a Weihrauch 97K from Krale on 7/2/2021. It arrived on 7/7/2021 in Hawaii. 5 days is fast. It went through Customs and they opened the box to check. I must compliment everyone at Krale - Jaron, Berrith and whoever filled the order quickly and had it double boxed. I must also compliment Customs who took the time and care to inspect the contents to be sure that all was proper. Also to the same Customs inspector who took the time and care to tape the box up so that it arrived safely today. Mahalo nui loa.
I'm only dealing with Krale at this point.

Not only due to the fact that they can get product to my door within just a few days but mostly due to the fact that they ACTUALLY FREAKING TELL YOU IF THE PRODUCT IS IN STOCK!

I ordered a few guns from AOA this year only to find out that they were pre-orders when the website DID NOT have an "Out of stock" listing. They're great folks but unfortunately have a fatal flaw in their business practice.