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Had a five gun shoot out at 46 yds today.

That is some really impressive shooting and groups Fuss. Is this the Cricket mini (shortest barrel) of the mini-carbine? Cricket version #1 or #2? What velocity and how many shots before it falls off the reg?

No sir, this is a custom Build by Derrick wall. It's a 25 cal now. They only make the Mini's in .22 cal. It's shooting about 910 fps with over 30 shots on a 220 bar fill, but I usually just shoot 2 (12 round mags) and refill.


Quick update, tried the 33.95 JSB MK1's as per Derricks advise. Holy Moly.....

The MK1's are lights out! She definitely prefers them over the MK2's. Lovin it! She should be able to hang with the Boss now?

Pulled the gun out of the case, checked for air, loaded a mag. First five shots low on #1, adjust scope and bingo…..5 shots on target #2 even better. 50 yds, 33.95 MK1


Jimmy - very accurate. Q. Do you know what the difference is between the MK1 and MK2 pellets? I.e., why is the MK1 better, as they are both 33g right?
Tom, I don't really know the difference? Yes both 33.95 gr.

They fit a lot tighter in the Cricket magazine than the MK2's did. I'm guessing maybe the skirt is flared a little more? All I know is the MK1's are shooting much better in my gun than the MK2's. It might not be like that for others with other guns. Doubt it will do me much good to try them in my FX500 as it's tuned for the 25.39 grain originals.

On another note:

As for MK1 vs MK2 in my Thomas with the 13.4 grain .177 pellets. They were tit for tat with the MK1's barely edging the MK2's out. But the MK2's were really really tight in the leade when single loading them. Had to push them really hard with my thumb to get them in flush.Maybe need to make a tool to seat them?

But with this last batch of .177 MK1's they are too loose in the leade and the MK2's really out shoot them. Even the 16.1 gr 177's out shoot this last batch of MK1's? The two sleeves of MK1's I got from Mike Niksch when I got the gun have been the most accurate batch to date.