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Guns you own, and used to own

Winchester Daisy 1000x first Airgun still have it still shoots decent even though it's very rough looking. Hunted 100s of birds with it when I was young.

Then got a RWS 34P in .22 loved that gun shot great but sold it once i got hooked on the darkside...

First PCP .22 Mrod had a magic tin of pellets and shot lights out and even 2 100yd shots in a row on dove. Then new tin accuracy went horrible did everything I could to it and nothing worked bought a hammer forged barrel and wow shot amazing. Then bought hill valve for it and WAR SSG and did the FAME mod and it was super quiet and smooth. Sold it and do miss that one.

.25 WAR Mrod 90fpe capable switched it over to a .30 TJs loved that gun ended up having problems with the air tube getting galled up and ended up parting out the rifle.

.25 WARP loved it alot. Had to sell it for money reasons. I do miss it but realize that tactical rifles just aren't my style and can't get comfortable shooting them like a traditional stock.

3 discos and a Maximus all modded all sold but one .177 BNM my first one I built and will be given to my family for pest birds.

BSA R10 MK2 .177 WOW! This gun made me appreciate the finer things in life. This one will never leave me super accurate and efficient most comfortable stock to shoulder and love the rubberized black stock I got.

.22 Mutant Standard again WOW! Can't get over how accurate this gun is and also great feeling bullpup. This one will also never leave me.

.25 Mrod Hill valved with Huma Regulator, lightweight hammer SSG, 22" TJs barrel and Neil Clague Reflex LDC. In the process of tuning it can hit 50fpe on regulator. Once i get it finished depending on results this one might not leave my hands either. If I had to swap it though a .25 EVOL or Mutant will take its place.

.30 Bwalton BT65 Carnivore. Haven't received yet but if it's anything like his others he's done I will never let this one go either.

Forgot one .22 Bottled and regulated Disco with BSA .22 barrel, BNM and Boyd's blaster stock. Love this gun extremely efficient but will be sold as it won't be used now that I have my Mutant.

The ones owned now



    Never got around to getting decent pics of the Winchester 1400cs. It's .177 caliber, nearly 52" long & 9lbs + with the scope mounted. No name on the 3-9x32 duplex reticle scope? Still can't see the fluted barrel sleeve real well in this shot. Suppressor is about as long as my hand. Two-stage trigger as well. Mossy oak infinity stock dip could use some sort of clear coat to help keep it from scratching, etc.

    What looks like a hammer in pic 2 is the safety, which pulls down to go live.