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Ground effect on pellets ?


Apr 2, 2015
    Hi buds,
    Have you ever witnessed / experienced this while shooting ??
    Do you think That, because of the ground heating up quickly after a very cold night, of you're shooting close to the ground (30 cm max from the pellet to the ground during the whole flight) your groups can be altered ??
    Because either I have an issue with my set up or that's what happened as I normally shoot less than a centimeter groups at 65 meters and today, at the same distance, groups were not less than 6 centimeters..
    Even if heat waves didn't make the thing easier, That's just not normal...
    What do you think about it?
    Nov 15, 2015
      If you have any sort of mirage, that makes the target appear to be in a different place than it actually is. The heat waves make a lens out of the air. Rising air current can also affect the pellet flight, as can down drafts. However, for the most part (I primarily shoot prone), I've found that being closer to the ground negates a lot of the wind issues, as the wind is slower close to the ground than it is the further from the surface. 
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      Very good point I_Like_Irons!! I do alot of my shooting prone as well and the wind is not as prevelant close to the ground. At my home range, I had to make some adjustments because of small rolls in the terrain, I was hitting dirt before the pellet got to the target. Now that I have all that figured out, it is sometime almost unbelieveable the difference in wind deflection from the prone position to a benched or standing rested. +1 Sir!!