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Good Portable Shooting Table

I got this one last year as a fathers day present. It works really well and folds up easily. It is not very heavy but you are not gonna fit it in a Prius.
It is made by Field n stream.
I think it cost about $129.00
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    I like Jimmy's idea. I used a fold out frame from an old chop saw table I had. Works great, folds flat, and if heavy enough to stay stable. There are many types of fold out legs so search them and then make a top. If you use plywood I would suggest a band or 1x3 to stiffen things up.

    If the legs you buy can not be adjusted I would suggest making sure the are separate and hollow. Being able to drive the legs into the ground an inch or two greatly aids in the tables stability.
    Thanks Carl, you'll probably beat me to it when ya build it! LOL I'm gettin' old fat and lazier every day.

    John, that's a dang good idea too. I like the idea of just folding the legs up and go,

    With the Caldwell stable table you had to take it out of the huge carry bag and assemble it every time and then break it down and rebag it so you wouldn't loose all the parts. I always have to learn the hard way ;-)

    "CampFussell"I had the Caldwell Stable table and it was just too dang heavy to lug around in the carry bag when traveling with it..

    I haven't done it yet, but plan to buy this and a sheet of plywood and a couple 2x4's and make my own personal table.


    Like this

    I tried adding those legs to this table top and it it was just too unstable.
    I'm going to add 1.25" black pipe (with 15 degree angled fittings) for a much sturdier platform.
    Two layers of 3/4" 32" x 44" with 18" x 12" cutout BCX plywood.


    My table is a second hand IKEA. bought it mostly for the legs but just left it all together and wrapped a tarp around the wood part. Works well, though three legs are better than four.

    Chair is a 5 gallon bucket with one of those swivel seats on top. Table was $20, tarp free from Harbor Freight, and bucket seat was about $15 total. Is it great? Lets just say it works.

    Table is $56 new, the Linnmon Table. Extremely light. But for that kind of money, buy it, throw the top away and use the legs on something a bit more shooting friendly.

    Best part is that I leave it setup and leave targets and stuff in the seat. Stays nice and dry.