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Cameras Go pro to spotting scope

I've tried all most all of the thru the rifle scope video methods and I'm frankly just not happy with any of them. I find them rather hard to set up and when they are set up they are in the way. Plus if lighting conditions are not good they are just about impossible to use. Bright sunlight coming from behind you will completely screw with the tactacam and probably the go pro system as well. The issue is light shining directly onto the prism. I find blocking the light difficult and impractical. I'm mostly hunting at long range and there is a time element involved.

I have decided to video thru the spotting scope and I have a Phone Skope system which works reasonable well.

I see that tactacam makes a direct to spotting scope system. Any one using it and what do you think of it. AND are there other options for thru the spotting scope. I can't find that Go Pro makes any thing. What else is out there. Thanks in advance.


Nov 1, 2018
NY, United States
    I’ve pondered the night vision potential of a Pard NV07 coupled to a spotting scope. I’d like to think with the help of a laser illuminator I’d be able to tell deer from coyote at several hundred yards and be able to save some time stalking what ends up being a large stone in the end. Blessing and curse that thermal can be its hard to decipher sometimes. I can often tell when I come to terms with the futility of trying to stalk a superior hunter, that being a coyote.

    All in good fun and exercise anyhow