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Go Pro, Tactacam, Or Clones For Through Scope Video Footage. What’s Best & Why?

Good afternoon everyone. I hope you’re all having a great weekend so far. A while back a friend of mine gave me a Tactacam Solo because my boys want to start making more videos. After messing with it quite a bit, reading all I could find online and watching some videos, I realized the one I have is a basic model without the features I want or need. I went on line and purchased the FTS mount and I do have all of the other appropriate mounts and accessories. I started thinking about just buying the 5.0 to go with the mount and accessories I already have but then also started looking at Go Pro models and their mounts. While looking at Go Pro cameras, I found a plethora of other cameras(clones) that are highly rated, some with better features as some Go Pro’s and they range in price from about $60 to $140. The ones I’m looking at specifically have 50 or [email protected] and up to 240fps for slow motion. I’m talking mainly about Akaso cameras, the Akaso Brave 7LE, the Akaso V50Elite on Amazon but there are a few others, like the Apeman A87 or Campark models as well.

So, I have a few questions, these are the most important...

#1) Are any of these cameras, or other clones, capable of being used in either the Scope Cam mounts or Eagle Vision Cam mounts without major modifications? Almost all of these cameras and even many of the Go Pro models have buttons is different places for each model.

#2) There is always talk of the need to change the Go Pro lens. If I buy a camera with an adjustable shooting angle and built in distortion reduction software, will that solve the problem without changing lenses or am I just better off changing them in the beginning and being done with it? This camera will be a dedicated scope mounted, camera. 

#3) Since I have no first hand experience with either the Tactacam or a Go Pro camera and don’t know much about using them or their capabilities, other than what I have read or videos I have watched, which is better for through the scope shooting...Go Pro, Tactacam 5.0 or Go Pro clones? What are the absolutely necessary features for through the scope videos? What are most important? Pros and Cons of of Tactacam vs. Go Pro?

I have a couple of quality DSLR’s as well as the appropriate lenses to cover 99% of my photography needs, a 50mm, 100mm, 12-24mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm which will be great shooting videos. I also have a couple of iPhones at my disposal. Those will cover the shooting bench, the targets and anything else I want to cover other than through scope footage. I’m just trying to figure out if I am better off spending $299 for a Tactacam 5.0, $300-$400 for a Clone and mounting system or $500-$600 for a Go Pro and mounting system. I’m leaning towards the Tactacam 5.0 because I’ve heard great things about the camera, it’s features and the footage quality. Like I said, I already have all of the accessories...Bow mount, barrel mount, through scope mount and all of the accessories. I’d just like to hear some input from all of you that have been shooting video with these different cameras and mounts. 

Oh, I did have one other question about the Scope Cam and Go Pro package that’s now being sold on line. What’s up with the Scope Cam mount and Go Pro camera package that is being sold for $1299 on many air gun retail sites? I couldn’t find anything included in the package that would explain the $1299 price. It sounds like the same mount that has been for sale for a year or two with a late model Go pro camera. Can somebody tell me what’s included or that I’m missing? Is it just a price increase or are there some new features and functions that justify the price? I only ask because it seems like you could buy the mount and year old camera for significantly less money. Just curious about the features and pricing.

Really, this post is to solicit your opinions and observations as they relate to each of the cameras and their mounts...To help fill me in on all of the little things that you don’t see much in the on line videos and reviews. I want to know which camera you use and why. I know there are going to be some pretty strong opinions which is great, just be sure to tell me why you chose the camera you use and what you really like or dislike about it.

Thank you in advance for your help, I really appreciate it. 

Everyone will have their personal preferences, but I went with the Tactacam FTS system. It comes with a variety of adapters so it fits most scopes. Mounting is fast, just slide it over the proper scope adapter, tighten two allen screws and it's ready to go.

It works in conjunction with a phone app. I'm not a big fan of apps and a small phone screen makes it somewhat difficult to view video, so instead I use a 10" notebook to do the set up and focus. You set the focus by adjusting the eyepiece, once it's set for each scope I just leave it there so its ready for the next time.

There's a variety of video settings. Everything is HD except the 240 frame rate which is standard definition only; frankly I don't see much difference. It's easy to use, just press a button to start recording and press it once more to stop. When it starts recording it makes a sound and vibrates twice; once when you stop recording.

Battery life is pretty good at about 1.5 hours, but I advise getting a spare. Overall I've been pleased with it.

If you have any specific questions, just ask.
Thanks guys,

Cea, I have watched Haj’s videos, probably not all of them. I didn’t see any where he was using one of the inexpensive cameras though. I’ll check again though.

Hawkeye, Thank you. The Tactacam I was given didn’t come with the FTS mount but it did come with a pile of other accessories. When I realized I couldn’t use it for through the scope video, I ended up buying the FTS mount. I did mount it with the Solo camera I was given, got it to work correctly and checked out the features... On. off, pause, focusing, the vibrating, etc. That’s when I discovered the version of the camera I have(Solo) was lacking in some of the features that I really wanted. From there I started researching a bit which led me to the questions I have today. Because I already have the Solo version that I could mount on the barrel, the FTS mount, batteries, charger, memory cards and a pile of accessories, it seems to make sense to just update my camera to the Tactacam 5.0. However, I still have a lot of questions about features, pros/cons, uploading, and the other things I mentioned. We’ll see what others have to say. Thank you for your input.

Hey Mike, I did watch Orion’s video a while back too, I think it was around a month or so ago when it first came out. That was before I was experimenting with the Tactacam or really looking into using the through the scope cameras. I’ll check it out again. Thanks. 

Any other appropriate information about any of these cameras or mounts, anything you think is important for me to know before making my decision or if you want to just tell me why you like the one you use, I’d love to hear from you.

Have a great weekend.

Take a look at Orion's post in Cameras he has a very nice set up with out costing an arm and a leg, He also goes step by step telling you about his set up,,, Oh and watch his iguana video hunts , 


How much is your arm and leg worth? lol 

Orions whole setup, to buy it all is right at $400. If you go for actual gopro (like a hero 5 used) and buy the complete kit with lens from eaglevision it will also be $400. I guess if you compare it to the sideshot, its a good deal.

Seems all of the scope cam setups come in around the $400 mark, except for sideshot. Kind of a take-your-pick situation. 
I was looking at the prices on the Eaglevision website and their basic housing is 174 pounds. Something like about $260, does that sound about right. My only concern is what cameras will fit the housing properly. Will the performance be any better than the Tactacam 5.0 that I can get for $299? I’m going to go shack out Orion’s video right now. Thanks.

I just watched Orion’s video again and then went on to Youtube and watched Joe’s(Cyclops)video on the Tactacam 5.0 and a couple others. It looks like for $299 for the 5.0 version to go with the mounts and accessories that I already have, the 5.0 is a much better camera. The 5.0 has more features, better 4k, the slo-mo feature is better and the zoom looks better too...And it’s cheaper since I already have the FTS mount and accessories. Thanks for the help guys!