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FX500 Breech orings

Just want to get a clarification from you guys in the know. Getting ready to order some orings from the oring store.

I went to the FX parts list and diagram


I'm hoping this correct and not a misprint. Parts list says...

for .177 cal E1 4.5 1.5mmX4.3mm

for .22 cal E1 5.5 1.78mmx5.28mm

for .25 cal E1 6.35 1.27mm X6.35 mm

Sure does seem strange for the .25 cal to have the smaller cross section of 1.27mm? I hope the chart is right? LOL

Thanks for your help in advance.

Yeah, I think that's correct. The .25 Streamline is 1.3 x 6.4 mm... So very close.

Thanks Mike

Had a friend over and let him shoot the Boss. He didn't close the lever all the way and blew the breech oring out. Figured while I was ordering orings for it I might as well stock up on them for the FX500 while I'm at it
Yeah, had that happen with a .22 Wildcat one time... Whenever I get a new gun I just take the print and order at least ten of each for the entire gun if I don't already have them. After a while you'll probably have most. FX have the odd sizes compared to the Eastern European girls...
6.35 x 1.78 for Royal 500 in .25 according to FX site. Just installed one and it works perfectly.

Do you have the link for that because this link shows 6.35x1.27? Part no. 4526


I also looked at the Bobcat in 25 cal and it shows the same size of 6.35x1.27?

part no 4526 https://fxairguns.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Bobcat-MKII_190917.pdf

Just wondering if a thicker cross section like you have used stays in place better?