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FX Optics

What Erik says, it's rebranded Chinese stuff. But the 6/18*44 is quite a good and clear scope actually. I had two of those, both of which the site focus wheel started to come loose over time. Used it on PCP's, so no recoil damage. Better spend some extra money on good glass and scope rings. For me, rifles come and go, but the quality glass mostly remains.
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I too had a fx scope go bad. No warranty, as it came with a previously owned Verminator Extreme package- arrow barrel, crossbow scope, etc.... I didn't particularly like it, but as it was part of the FX briefcase, it added to the overall value if ever I decided to sell the whole shebang.
FX has good products, but for the money, I'd look elsewhere for optics.
I know the shop is closed until Tuesday morning but I just sent an email in hopes that I caught this oversight in time. When I ordered the Wildcat I thought staying with FX throughout would be a good setup. After 2 days of searching high and low and asking on this forum, I feel the Athlon Argos BTR 6-24x50 will serve me much better. thanks again for the inputs!
I own the Fx 3-12 scope, an Athlon Argos BTR, and the Athlon Talos BTR. See this link for a comparison between the two Athlon BTR FFP scopes. I have had no trouble the the Fx scope but I have the Talos BTR mounted on my .25 Wildcat. I picked the Talos over the Argos for the Wildcat because the Talos is less bulky and lighter than the Argos. You could argue that the Fx is the lightest of the 3 but not by much. I like the optics and mechanics of the 30mm Talos better than the 1" Fx. The Talos and the Fx are about the same length.
In the higer range of the low-end scopes, the Hawkes are quite good indeed. I have a Hawke Sidewinder Tactical 8-32/56, and the reticle on those things are great! Half mil dot and thin as a hair. Really clear view up to 25x, above that it gets a bit darker but you only notice that on indoor ranges with low light conditions. Got one on my FX Independence.