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Tuning FX Maverick full beans!

Great job, Donny. If anyone can ramp up a maverick, that would be you! You sure have come a long ways from the Hatsan big power days at the GTA, ha Ha! Your hatsans are probably like gamo urban power gun’s when compared to that maverick!

Haha, thanks Augie! I still have love for some of those Hatsans man. I had my Flash up to 80 fpe in .22, 50+ fpe in .177, and my friend's bully .30 up to 140 fpe, so they weren't too far behind on the Maverick ;) I do like my Maverick better than any of them, but it also costs a lot more.
I have a little accuracy update on the 16" twist .300 TJs liner. At the gun's current state of tune, the Griffin 78 grain slugs are same hole accurate(30 yards) shooting in the 960s! Every other weight I've shot from 54.5 gr up to 65.5 gr NSA slugs show promise too. All of them were easily grouping under an inch at 30 yards. That doesn't sound that great, but I didn't try them at different speeds, so I feel like they would tighten up, if I slowed them down and spent time trying to find what speed they like. I only tried them at the minimum power wheel setting I could to keep them subsonic. I was shooting the 65.5 grain NSA's around 1040 fps, and they were under .5" mostly with the occasional flyer about a half inch off. I feel like getting them in the 950 fps range would probably tighten them right up. Yes, I need to test them at 50 yards at some point, but I think they'll be just fine. I test at 30 yards most, because that is where I always zero my hunting guns.

I was mainly focused on testing the 65.5 grain and higher weight slugs, since my main goal with this barrel is high power for large critters. However, seeing what I have with what little testing I've done, I can't help but recommend the TJs 16" twist liner. If any of you are looking for a good blank to start a .30 slug build from, it is certainly worth a look I think. That is especially so, if wanting to go for a high power build, where you need the flexibility of being able to get a longer than normal blank. That's one of the best things about TJs liners, you can get them in any length you want! Just for reference, my 34" blank cost me $198 with shipping and all(ended up machining to 32"). That's not bad for a "custom" barrel in my book ;)