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I purchased a .25 impact in Nov. I was very happy with the gun i received. It was actually above my expectation's all across the board. In the beginning of Dec. i order'd a .30 cal barrel and the magazine from AOA. i received the barrel n probe both were damaged, along with a invoice that stated the magazines were on back order and there was no EXTRA mags available. and was also told i could get a 9 shot magazine from another gun in it's place that would work. So my ? is why would there be EXTRA barrel's but not a magazine? since you can't use the impact without the magazine. after 2 months i sent a email and was told my status on the mag was pushed back till the next shipment. NOTE; I didn't buy my gun from AOA, AOA DID take care of the of the damaged'd barrel n probe with a differant EXTRA .30 cal barrel n probe.This week I did elect to take the smaller magazine because i'm tired of looking at a $440 barrel i can't use. and i'm in the hole $90 on a mag. Is this a AOA problem or an FX problem? Somebody needs to fix this issue because it's nothing short of BULLpoop.

P.S. this is the first PCP i ever purchased, and I had to buy everything. I'm in this nearly 5K USD. I really don't want a smaller magazine for a differant gun i want was made for the impact within a reasonable time frame of when i paid for it. it is very unlikely I will be doing anymore transaction's with FX products or AOA since nobody knows when product's will be shipped or what's in the actual shipment until it's open and unpacked. That still has me shaking my head.
a lot of us can understand your frustration you'd think that's the ability to obtain this stuff wouldn't be so hard but a lot of times but sometimes you just got to look at it like this
​these are hot air guns and people don't just buy 1 magazine they buy 3 at a time or more it seems so not only dose the company need t make more ship more but then the distributor has fill there back orders on top of that its kind of like the .22 ammo issue a few years back it wasn't that they when pumping them out its just they couldn't keep up with demand and they got so back logged it took a long bit... have you tried calling other distributors and seeing if they had any in back stock AoA is well know and usually well know and as such there drained first I wanted to buy my wildcat from them but there always out of stock I found 1 place with one left and snagged it and by the looks of it I'm still gonna be waiting on a few spare mags witch is ok I can only imagine what its like for you I know if I had the money for an impact and its entirety id be a bit mad too lol
​cuz I go all out when I can and that's a lot of money with the impact just to start
​and id want at least a .22 and .25 barrel with 2-3 mags per
 Likely not applicable in your case (???) but "my" first suggestion to folks is always, get to a match! You can learn SO much in one day with other experienced airgunner folks it will save you time money and aggravation.
I think (?) FX did just go through a massive , um, I don't know, move. Different machines, operators, location. Which may ort may not have much to do with how their doing these days. If they planned on their cnc machine to make X # parts per hour before firing up their new shop for a real world run, that might have caused a problem?

Some people say they call Fredrick, have you tried that? Might cost a dollar but not as much as a clip ( joke, try to smile) and might get you taken care of?

i understand folks want "EXTRA" mags. but this situation doesn't need an "EXTRA" it does need a mag to accompany the barrel Or the gun doesn't work. If AOA had enough mags to cover all the "EXTRA" barrels, but sold them to other folks who wanted EXTRAS mags. they should have told anybody who wanted a EXTRA you have to take the lesser magazine or wait. Because nobody needs two barrels of the same caliber. I find it hard to believe the manufacture would send only one part when you need two parts to make the gun function. this is like two part epoxy it doesn't work if you don't have part A+B.


Apr 1, 2015
    Brother, I hear you....loud n clear!!!!! I also agree with you, that if the distributor has a barrel an mag combo. Then it shouldn't be sold any other way. But when your on the other side of the demand ( like AOA IS) And you can sell a bunch of mags, due to people wanting extra when they ordered there rifles, along with the extra barrels. That's exactly what they will do...I was told, I was one of the first few people that actually ordered an Impact,,even when I knew that it was going to be a year wait. I still placed an official order with AoA late in December.When I got the call in Late November that following year,,that it was coming..I paid for a .25 impact and a .30 cal extra barrel an probe..What I expected was, just that, unfortunately that isn't what I got. I won't waste anyone's time with the issues nor my ranting. I will say that AoA went out of there way to do what they could for me. To this day my original order is yet to be complete. What's even more upsetting is when you watch all the U-Tube videos and you clearly see other that have multiple mags and barrels....and your left with ""WTF""" I paid my money, just like these guys....where my s*#*! So, I GET IT AND I FEEL YOU PAIN....YOUR NOT ALONE!!!!.....FX....IF YOU READ THIS, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! Sas


    Feb 22, 2016
      SteveS.I think when the fix and issue the customer hoy b plowed to send it back me have the new part r pet put on the gun for a 0 fee. Just like when a vehicle has a recall. If the customer wants!!! Just my two cents on that....SAS

      Exactly!!! Should be NO QUESTIONS that you get the upgrades, we are paying for Tier 1 products for a reason, I expect Tier 1 CS..

      Kind of straying from the OPs Originally statement. He should have received access to a magazine(s) when we pay Tier 1 pricing.
      I recommend a little more appreciation for getting a product to market. If a company waits until a product is near perfect before shipping, it will never ship. I managed engineers for 20 years and also an engineer with a good understanding of how our engineering minds work, including mine. If you tell them to get it a point that nearly no customer will have a complaint, you will be out of business. Engineers will solve all the issues given enough time and money. But the company can not afford it, and us customers don't want to wait that long or pay the price for near perfection. Customers will buy another product already available, so when your outdated rock solid product becomes available the majority of your customers have moved on.

      Us consumers fall into roughly five categories, Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority and Laggards. Innovators and Early Adopters get the latest and greatest and suffer growing pains. Late Majority and Laggards get rock solid but dated products. Recommend we chose our purchase to match our personalities.


      Mar 13, 2018
        Can anybody hear tell me how I get in touch with FX to get some parts my FX Crown shipped in from Sweden with a faulty gauge it has a internal slow leak and when I receive the rifle I was wondering why the pressure was low in my gun I was told you get the gun with a full tank of air when it arrived to me it was almost out of air around 90 bar stupid s*** like this pisses me off when I know good and well FX is supposed to have high standards and test every gun before shipping