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Tuning FX Impact M3 plenum compatibility issues with previous models of Impact video


Nov 8, 2015
Karachi, Pakistan
    So if the dealers know when you order they will install the smaller end or charge you for the extra piece? Hopefully not but I know how things go sometimes.


    In fact my friend imported it from Huma Hollad. Huma is agreeing to send the replacement part free of cost.

    I understand that all those dealers who are selling this kit should mention on their website that the users should chose the correct size out of the two sizes.

    But normally it is not mentioned on selling websites that this part comes in two sizes and the Purchaser may face the problem so the Purchaser should know the size of the part of his gun and purchase the compatible part.

    I made the video to inform the people so that they may not face such situation.

    Umair Bhaur 

    Its an easy problem to solve - Sadly I didnt do a video or Photos when I fitted mine - but I am doing 2 more 1X mk2 and 1X Mk3 in the next few weeks - so I will do at least photos or a video then.

    but see if you can picture this:

    1 insert the allen bolt from the left hand side

    2 insert a suitable piece of metal into the slit and use the allen bolt to gently open the action -

    3 slide the valve tube end in and make sure it is aligned

    4 unscrew the allen bolt and remove the metal plate

    job done