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FX hybrid slugs .25


Aloha AGN,

so I just received my order and I’m pretty excited to receive them I’m also kind of disappointed. The slugs are hard to get out of the tray unless you dump them all out or use a tweezer to take them out. Maybe it’s my OCD kicking in, but now to see what guns they will shoot the best in.


Do you need the new liner to shoot them ?

ha! the hybrid slug was suppose to be designed to be shot out of pellet liners. that was the whole idea! so. now they come out with a “new liner” that shoots them better.

i’ll stick with the original smooth twist and pellets. i am so glad i dont have OCD and need to think i need to keep up with all the “this is better than that” products .

i own an FX . i love FX. but a little less each day.
Aloha guys,

thanks for the advice on sliding the tray out and only exposing that row of slugs, it worked great. But just for an update, I don’t know if you guys ran into this issue but the magazines I tried the slugs out on work with out using anything to push the slugs in except my Edgun. I have to use something to push the slugs farther into the magazine or they will fall out or not let the magazine rotate when cycling for the next shot. Here’s a picture of the Edgun, veteran, and cricket magazines. 
Aloha, Keone


Jul 8, 2018
CA, United States
    Leave the package on. expose a row at a time and if you want less hold you finger over the rest.


    Or better yet, like I do powder burner primers, if you want say 20 out, just slide out the tray from the package just two rows and tip the slugs out. No need to slide the whole tray out if you only want 20 out. The pagage will keep the other 80 intact in the tray.
    Last night I turned my Airwolf down to power level 11 which should be pushing the Slugs about 860 ft per second and Shot 2, 3/4 inch groups at 67-yard yards. This is the first slug any of my daystates have ever liked. I'll get the chronograph out this weekend and get an accurate number, but out of my gun they shot about 20 feet per second slower than the hades 
    To give people an idea of what the Slugs might do out of their gun here are my numbers through my daystate Airwolf LW Barrel. At power level 11 my rifle shot that 26.54 grain Hades at 885 and it shoots the FX slugs at 850 lubed. On power level 12 the Hades lubricated were shooting 949 and the FX slugs dry we're shooting 931. At 850 FPS my lab radar measured speed from 0 to 50 yards and gave me a ballistic coefficient of .054.

    I did what someone else recommended and dumped my slugs into an old jsb tin it makes it much easier to deal with plus I can lubricate them. I don't know if that increases velocity but I generally shoot all my pellets lightly lubed and I know it does make them chamber little easier in my daystate
    The new Superior liner is the replacement pellet liner going forward. There was obviously an issue shooting the .25 Hybrid. The result is a liner that shoots pellets, Hybrids, and many of the NSA slugs. That's a win-win in my opinion. Should FX stop making improvements?

    I will keep to H&N and JSB slug as these out perform any other slug I have tried in stx and slug liners , just another way for FX to make money out of us . Even the new guns don’t come with the new liner , disgusting imo