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First eleven shots from my new FX Boss from Derrick W.

Just got this baby off the brown truck today. Scoped her with my 10-50x60 Sightron III and found out I need some higher rings to use the magazine, but luckily Derrick sent a single shot tray with her. I prefer single shot when shooting groups anyway, so thanks for that Derrick.

My easiest target to sight on from the back porch just happened to be 46 yds away. It's a 40 yard target from my other shooting bench is why the weird yardage. What's another 4 yds to fifty anyway? Will probably rezero at 50 or 55yds later.

So here are the first eleven and only shots so far. First shot I was aiming for kz#22 and it went low towards number 20. So I cranked on the elevation turret and the 2nd shot was so close to #22 that I decided to try my first five shot group there!

Then I barely clicked the elevation turret for the second group at kz # 28. I'm a happy camper to say the least! Oh and those were with the 44.75 grain Hatsan Vortex pellets. Haven't chronied yet but Derrick says it's shooting about 75 fpe.

Wow, I'm in love with the .30! Don't know what took me so long to come around. Thanks for the motivation Derrick, and the sweet deal, and the supersonic shipping. LOL

Peace, love and thirty cal grease



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Holy frikkin' smokes. If I had known this was gonna happen, I would have set out a new target. The deer flies bout took me away when I went to retrieve it. My first ever sub MOA 5 shot group at 100 yds. It was an old target that I had already shot a crappy 5 shots at with .22. I shot six of the Hatsan Vortex pellets lower into the target to get a feel for the hold over. Then shot the killer 5 shot group with JSB's at the KZ. I would say sub .75 inch group at 100 yds. Dayyyyum, when Derrick guarantees MOA at 100 yds you better believe him! LOL


Congrats Fuss. Enjoy the Boss, it’s a fantastic rifle. I guarantee you will achieve your first 1” or under 5-shot group at 100 yards with this Boss. Have fun brother.

I can't thank you enough Derrick. I haven't been this excited over an airgun in a long time!

Thanks for the comments James, and Matt. I'm just stunned, like it's a dream or something?



Dang Fuss!

I have been trying to stay away from the .30's but WOW!! man that is a really nice shooter. Congrats. Does Derrick build these or just that one.


Dennis, Derrick goes through guns like most of us go through underwear! LOL It was one he bought from a friend and then sold to me. I feel like I hit the jackpot! I'm thinking of skipping .25 cal all together! LOL Got my .177's and .22's for inside 50 and the Boss takes care of the rest! LOL

Yep, and this way you don’t need to spend $2500 plus on a new Impact. Just as accurate for less than half... Did you notice top two Sportsmen at 100 yards RMAC shot Bobcats, and their scores were better than the vast majority of Pros shooting 100 FPE Impacts?
Fuss, Bobcat and Boss are the same gun. Same action, same barrel, same everything except for the stock. No reason to get a Bobcat unless you want the semi bullpup format...

So you're telling me if I just get a .30 Bobcat stock it will fit my set up? I thought the Bobcat used a tube instead of a bottle?