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Cameras Firefly 8SE Firmware - Can it Affect HDMI Output?

Received my Firefly 8SE from Hajimoto (TU). I haven't been able to use the HDMI output to view on an external monitor for setup like I have seen others do. I keep getting "cable not connected" warning on the monitor. I've tried (2) different new HDMI-to-Micro HDMI adapter cables on (2) different known good monitors. The firmware version on my Firefly 8SE is "UN124". That's different than anything I've seen online. I tried to go back to "U115" that's the most recent on Firefly's site, but it did not revert back to it. Still on "UN124". Anyone seen this before. Maybe this is why HDMI output won't work?


Apr 9, 2021
    I am not sure with action cameras, as i have only been given a few of them to test over the years ( predominantly SJ cameras ) never tried a firefly camera.

    But i know in dashcams the HDMI out can be hit and miss if it can be live too while recording also.

    So try to use the firefly camera in playback mode if that will give you any signal on the HDMI

    Unsure if the maturity of the firmware would / could have a say in this.
    You may be trying to feed a resolution that your monitors that are not able to process. Try setting the camera to 1080/60 or 1080/120 and let me know what you get. Worse case go in the settings of the camera and do a factory reset and try again.

    I put a call into my rep to ask if there are any issues that I need to be aware of and I also asked about the firmware. It has been my experience that the firmware that ships, if newer, should leave alone. Typically firmware upgrades are just that and rarely ever need to downgrade a firmware that is installed on a retail boxed product.

    I will report any information as I received it. In the meantime let me know how you make out on the resolution change or default reset.

    TU for replying Haj.

    I'll try your recommendations when I get home tonight.

    I'm getting good video at 1080/120, but I sure would like to be able to use the HDMI output to tweak the scope picture on a larger monitor.

    Greg in Indy (BD0004)

    Please understand my assumption is that you have the camera at a resolution that your monitor is not able to display. If you can change the camera to 1080/60 or 1080/120 and your get an HDMI image it confirms my assumption. Lastly, please remember the higher the resolution the smaller the image will be on the screen so you are best to focus at 1080 as it is a fair compromise.

    Looking forward to your feedback.

    Apparently, I'm an idiot.

    I just successfully hooked up the HDMI output from the Firefly 8SE to a couple different HDMI inputs on 2 other TVs around the house. The only difference from the original (4) computer monitors is that none of the monitors had a real HDMI input. I was using an HDMI-to-DVI adapter that the Firefly did not like. My desktop computer (HP i5) HDMI output works fine thru the adapters to the monitor(s). I just needed a dedicated HDMI input on the monitor I want to use for the Firefly.

    Thanks for everyone's help.