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Eagle vision mount for pard 007

Hy all. Im trying to get a source for the eagle vision universal mount for my pard 007. If any one has an idea where i can get one in the usa i would appreciate it. Or a substitute.

@robertcasey Here is a thread where I use two Eagle Vision products with my Pard NV007a (see page 2). https://www.airgunnation.com/topic/new-tripod-setup-advice-and-criticism-are-welcome/page/2/?referrer=1

One is an adjustable one-piece scope mount and the other is a universal mount. The universal mount does work well, but it does move some depending upon how you position the mount in order to center your reticle through your Pard unit. Don’t count on it to remain in the same position indefinitely. As @rangur1 mentioned, you can order these directly from Masood at Eagle Vision in the UK. Here’s a link https://eaglevisioncam.com/shop/diy-night-vision-accessories/pard-007-scope-holder-tube-replacement-night-vision/