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Dove Destroyed by Varmint Knockers

Just some pest cleaning with my Bantan Sniper .25

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Can you share more info, slugs-rifle set up ;)

Did you really use slugs or a hammer on that dove? :) 

good shooting!

Slugs are from D-Rig he made some for me, 32.80 gr large hollow points. Gun I used was my Brocock Bantam Sniper HR .25, shooting 34 gr pellets between 790-810 fps.
How does the accuracy of these slugs compare to jsb slugs? If they are reasonably accurate I will give them a try.

I can't compare the D-Rig slugs to the JSB slugs, I didn't know JSB made slugs. However I can tell you that out of my Bantam the slugs are accurate out to about 60 yards using the single shot tray, I get a .58" diameter hole.