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Cameras Does gopro 10 use same lens as gopro7?


Jan 16, 2020
    I contacted eaglevision last week with a question about gopro10 compatibly and they never got back to me.

    The second issue what is coming up on the net about gopro10 is the overheating, especially when is sitting static in one place...using it in sports activities exposed to wind cooling also any watersports may work well with superb features. They released an updated new battery and a new firmware managed the overheating issue to a decree but degraded the performance, so still a nogo for me.

    The third news also concerned me, soon enough they coming out with 2+2 models in some different level configurations, according to dcrainmaker (the guy is a long years biking and triathlon blogger).

    I still have at least two more months until this white sheit melts, for sure I don't go BR in this subzero....maybe some new gopro surfaces in meantime.


    Apr 9, 2021
      Same kind of mounting for sure.

      However i an not sure if the following are the same.

      "F" value

      FOV ( Field OF View )

      Lens back spacing / size of sensor it will work with without having vignetting in the corners, lenses are in general made to fit on a given sensor size,,,, or smaller will work too.

      Regarding the case size i am not sure if there in the middle around GP 6-7-8 might have been a size and button placement harmony going on. the new GP10 is a bit larger than older GP cameras.

      I think, if i was going side mounted camera filming into a prism filming while shooting, i would devise my own camera mount ( i assume that on such a devise there is a flat surface, or at least the tube the lens look down to work from )

      I am going creative myself soon, have to make a unique intro video to the airgun channel i launch "soon" so my dji osmo action will soon be experiencing treatment i think no similar dji camera have ever experienced :)