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Cameras DLP smartphone rifle scope adapter.

I had one similar made from plastic. It did not werq well at all. If those werqed then people would be using them. But you don't see that happening.

You have to zoom your phone way in for the picture to be of a reasonable size and by then the quality is just not there.

I think that would depend on the phone. My Galaxy S10 has a much better camera and video than the i-phone I had. Zoom and focus is way mo betterer. 

The camera pics and quality of the i-phone were what I hated most and the reason I switched to the android Galaxy.

I know that a GoPro would be better but this way is cheaper and handier.

I would not even consider one that is made from plastic since it would have to be so thick and bulky to have the strength and rigidity it would defeat the purpose.
Check out a Tactacam with FTS (Film Thru Scope) adapter. Half the price of a gopro setup & less cumbersome. Granted, more expensive than $44.95 but easy setup & good video. I've tried a number of smartphone/scope adapters & finally gave up. I really like the Tactacam. Video is the 1st time I tried it (got the image centered much better now & figured out settings for more clarity but it'll give you the idea) 

IVe had one. They are all over ebay and AliExpress for alot cheaper than the company listed.

While I culd get it to work, it took for ever to get it lined up to the scope, and the fone set correctly per Bio's post. Worst part was if you bumped it any kinda hard, all the hard work getting the alignment set just went out the window and youd have to start over again.

ITs much better suited for spotting scope work than on a rifle scope