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Though I haven't posted on AGN in a long time, I still try to peek in from time to time. I believe my last post was telling how an AGN member and friend of mine suprised me with a custom made Marauder stock that kind of forced me to purchase a Marauder to bolt that stock to!! Well, though I have been shooting air rifles regularly since then, I haven't let myself get ridiculously consumed by airguns like I once did. 

Months back when I was scanning through AGN I saw a post by a member that I have always thought very highly of and enjoyed keeping up with on social media. He was looking for a scope. One which I had 2 of just sitting in there boxes on the shelf. I had contacted Jimmy and told him I had what he was looking for but never really pursued it as he had found a scope already and I got super busy and just kind of left it at our last correspondence. A while later I found an old stash of pellets and when thinking about what to do with them, I figured that Jimmy could surely use them and the scopes as well. 

I sent him the scopes unknowingly to him, just because I thought he would put them to use and to do a nice thing for a super cool dude. 

Well, he was very thankful and it was great to finally have a phone conversation with him. All our previous communications were via AGN and social media. 

The day after we spoke on the phone, I got an email explaining that he was sending me his Cricket Carbine .177. Not only was I totally shocked, but a .177 Carbine is one of the gun I had always wished I had bought. 

I have been involved in many hobbies and met many people because of those hobbies. Without a doubt I can honestly say that airgunners are of the highest caliber of all groups I have been involved with. The generosity and overall good nature of this community is infectious and amazing!!

Thank you Jimmy!! I really can't thank you enough for such a beautiful rifle and such an act of kindness!! Peace and pellet grease Brother!!

I recieved it yesterday and had to sight in at 7yards in my shop as the weather sucked and will continue cold, wind, and rain till Sunday. I did shoot some groups at 25yards in the wind and rain and got real close to 1/4" in crap conditions with the few 10gr jsb's I have on hand. I did knock off a bunch of english sparrows and starlings. The gun is an absolute joy and laser accurate. My last digit on my chrony is screwed up from a muzzleloader accident, but the es is definitely single digit on the reg and i got a ton of shots off the reg that were more than useable for pesting.


Dec 7, 2018
Upstate New York
    Aw man, that is Too Cool!

    Certain things most definitely re-instill my faith in humanity, and this is one of those times.. 
    I can say without a doubt that bikers and shooters are some of the best people I know. 
    Just like one big happy [yet semi dysfunctional] family! 😃 

    Have a blast with your new rifle!


    Sam -


    Aaron, can you tell you how much we missed you on this forum?

    It's so good to have you back brother. I know you'll make that rifle shine like I never could. We've all missed your excellent advise and commentary on how to make our rifles perform better. I'll never forget when I learned from your post and comments about slugging the barrels and sizing pellets a few years back. I had never done anything like that before.

    There's so many of us who come here to learn from guys like you.

    Thanks so much for the scopes and pellets man. Haha, I've pulled you back in and now you might have caused me to buy more air rifles??? LOL...I mean I just can't leave these scopes laying around without a weaver rail to rest on now can I??? I'm gonna swap one of them out on my Cricket pup.

    Good to have you back man. Now if I can just lure you back to Facefork? LOL

    Peace and social media grease

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    May 12, 2015
    Hobbs NM, United States
      Way to go Jimmy and glad to see Aaron is still kicking. Good to be reminded of the good group we have. I understand how priorities and our interest change. Just a few years ago I was a die hard archer but got burn't out on it I guess after 30+ years and now my addiction is the airguns. That's one fine gun too, always been an admirer of them.