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Crossman 1100 Trapmaster

Hello. I picked this up yesterday and cant wait to shoot it. If you know tell me where to buy the shot and other pieces needed to shoot the 1100. I heard you can also shoot a slug or ball out of the 11oo, any info would be great.

Thank you


Hello holo07

I assume you know the Trapmaster is CO2 powered.

It requires 2, 12 gram cartridges.

The ammo is lead or bismuth shot (usually # 8) loaded into Crosman plastic shells.

You can find preloaded shells on eBay

Here's a link to a current auction, ending Monday


Every so often Baker Air Guns has a box of 100 preloaded shells on sale. Last price was $75 plus shipping (ouch!)

You can also buy empty shells (plastic or aluminum) and load shot yourself

To do so you will need shot, shells, & wads

You will find examples of these on eBay also

Regarding led balls

I've shot .375 lead balls

Available from Track of the Wolf


I put them into the plastic shot shells for loading so that they do not roll out of the barrel

Hope this helps

Enjoy the Trapmaster


Mine is a starling annihilator at 12 yards and under