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Compressor blowing burst discs

TLDR: My compressor is rapidly blowing 5k Burst discs, why might it do that?

My compressor is a Hill EC-3000 with about 11 hours of runtime.

It blew a 5k burst disc on the outlet hose area about a month ago, I bought a 2pack of 5k burst discs online.

The outlet hose area contains 2 burst discs, both 5k for redundancy I suppose.

I replaced the broke one and moved on, a month later (today) the 2nd one went, unsurprising I suppose.

So I replaced that today, and it lasted about 2 minutes, not even filling the first gun I tried to fill, it got to about 270 bar out of 300 bar and it popped.

What causes could this be?

A defective burst disc(as the other from the same place is still working well)? Or is there some problem in my compressor like excessive silicon oil feed or moisture buildup causing this?


Jul 26, 2020
CA, United States
    That is strange since the Hill will auto shut-off when it gets to 4,350 psi, assuming you have it set to 300 bar for your fill.

    Burst disks can give up the ghost without an over-pressure situation due to fatigue - repeated flexing from pressurizing and quick de-pressurizing, but in my mind that would explain 1 recent failure, maybe 2 if both of the ones in the air hose had burst, but not 3. But then again, you can get faulty burst disks (especially if China produced).

    Have you verified your Hill's pressure gauge against a known good gauge? Unfortunately I have had early issues with both of the EC-3000's I had purchased. With the most recent one, on initial set up and test I determined that the Hill's gauge was actually reading between 30-40 bar LOW - a dangerous defect. So back it went.