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Cameras Cheap but decent borescope first test

Playing the Amazon roulette of crap or quality, this is actually a win.

Wireless Rifle Borescope, 0.177inch Rifle Bore Scope NIDAGE Barrel Gun Endoscope with 3.28ft Cable and Side View Mirror for Bore Cleaning Inspections 


For 65 bucks it works really well, easy to set up and use. The lights are bright and some washout may occur if adj too high, backing off the angled mirror helps some. Theres a straight collar as well for straight on view. Had to polish the mirror and lens though. Cloth included. Charged in about 2-3 hrs. Nifty silicone ring to help guide and mark the cable. Takes video too. 
Barrel is a .22 P-rod factory, only 100 shots. 
Cable is small enough to fit into .177 as well. 
For a cheap borescope its def worth 65 bucks.