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Built a new range

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    We have two acres across the street with neighbors on three sides. I've been shooting 35-40 yards on a mowed lane and also cut a trail around the perimeter with a Bobcat a few years back. But with a swampy corner, dying Ash and shallow rooted pines falling over, giant blackberries and a ton of debris that people have tossed in there it wasn't attractive especially when the leaves are down. So I just hired some site work guys who came and pushed and shoved everything back, cleared stumps and junk, giving me a great backstop and a legit 55 meter range. Also improved the water situation so I should have less skeeters and a much better trail for mountain biking and walking (yes that is a small hammerhead bike jump to the right). Looking forward to mowing it and having it fill in but it's the best money I've spent so far. 



    43722 requested deletion

      Truth is I enjoy working on the site as much as shooting or biking. I get to use a chainsaw and axe, it's good exercise and simple enough for me. While I would love to move out of New York State everyplace good is more expensive and turning Blue.... 

      Been through two shooting benches and have used dozens of others at ranges. Back to using a picnic table, more versatile, and shooting more offhand. I'll even go prone on the picnic table when it's yucky out. 


      Apr 9, 2021

        I am going to update our 50 M range, or at least the end part of it, as it is now recovering spent lead is hard, i want to make that more easy and make 99% of the lead shot at 50 M be recovered and disposed of in a proper manner.

        If i can find the time i might do the same for a 100 M range or the temporary / makeshift 85 / 90 M we also shoot at now.