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Cameras Budget camera mount. DIY!

Here is the DIY for this camera mount.
It's sort of a mix between Hajimoto's and Eagle Vision, and side shot.
I saw issue with all of those other designs and I wanted to make one that wouldn't cost a fortune! So hopefully I got a good viable solution at an affordable price for everyone!

So here it is!
I cut the inner tube because I needed a sleeve for the end of the prism, while maintaining the use of the phone mount.

Used a prism. This was probably the hardest part because I had to hand sand bushing to fit the prism snugly into the cut piece of tube.(If you have access to a lathe it would be way easier!)

As you can see the phone mount is still usable.

Glued the PVC using Gorilla glue to the front of the camera.

Glued the coupling to the delrin spacer. Rather than gluing the camera direct and making it permanent,

Using a coupling allow adjustment of the parallax and also the use of the camera as a regular camera.

Remember to focus the ocular to the camera, so that both the parallax and the ocular focus is the same for best video quality.

Camera is able to zoom in and out. And you can take the camera off and still use it as a camera. This truck is about 60 yards away.
Here is what you need. ((Give me some time and I will update this with links to get the tiems.))

Universal cell phone scope mount (Ebay) about $40
Prism (AliExpress) about $30
1/2" Delrin spacer (Scraps I had) ??
1 1/4" PVC Pipe Cut to about 1" $.20
1 1/4" PVC Coupling Cut to about 1" $.1.18

The prism comes on a Rail mount that you remove and throw in the paarts box.
You need to fabricate spacer bushing to make it fit snugly into the inner tube of the scope mount.
I cut down the inner tube so that I could still use the mount as a phone mount also. You only need about an inch or so of the tube.
The delrin was used as a spacer to give clearance for the PVC tube to be glued on.
Glue the cut piece of PVC tube to the mount and the cut piece of couplingto the camera.
Then you're off and running!

I'm willing to help and walk people through making their own mount.

I do this for FREE Because I can't stand to see over priced items that look crude and cost an arm & a leg! With a small effort you can do it just as good!

Hopefully I have a good solution to the problem of the GoPro mount not being able to zoom.

This solves tht issue!
Good Luck and hit me up if you need any more guidance!

I'll work on a refined model later when I have time.

I miss not having access to a full machine shop. If I still had the access I'd make these for everyone at cost!

Shoot Safe!!

"Oregun"Wow... genius. Well done toku58! 
Thanks for sharing!!! +1

Thank you! I got the idea after hearing all the down falls of the others that Matt Dubber had tried. When I was watching that video, I got the idea. Why not just mount the Digital Camera. That way you could have the best of both worlds! 

I actually flipped out when I saw how much they were selling the other action camera mounts. LOL!! Bogus!

This is a fun hobby! I'll try to keep it affordable so we all can have fun!

I'm considering buying a lathe and a mill again so I can start making things. When I was working at the machine shop it was good times! Fabrication all day!!
LOL! My wife just busted me with the NEW Impact"X". I was messing around with the scope mount and I hear her from behind me
Wife: "Is that a new gun?"
Me: "NO" this old thing???
Wife: "why does that gun look different from all the other ones you have? Did you buy all kinds of parts and build a new gun?"
Me: "What? I had this gun a long time."
Wife: "Don't lie you're always buying thing and building stuff"
Me: "No?! I'm working on this mount device for a camera"
Wife: "Then where did that gun come from???"
Me: "I had this thing a long time."
Wife: "I don't know that thing looks new?"
Me: "I just take really good care of all my things"
She ended up walking away with a really suspicious look on her face.